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    Benefits of Updating a Kitchen for Personal Home, Investment, or Rental

    The kitchen is the central point of activity in most homes, so it’s no wonder that it’s often one of the most important rooms when owners are giving their home a simple facelift or even opting for a thorough renovation. And of course this means that buyers are paying attention to the kitchens, too – according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report of 2018, 58 per cent of buyers who bought a home in the previous year reported that the kitchen was extremely important or very important to their decision.


    The advantages you get from remodeling your kitchen will depend on whether it’s for your own home, for investment purposes, or for a rental property. There are several simple High-ROI Home Improvements For Your Home opportunities.


    Benefits for a Personal Home


    It goes without saying that a kitchen remodel offers improvements to the way you prepare food and entertain. These benefits are attributable most of all to an improved layout, particularly in terms of storage. A kitchen storage pantry cabinet or lazy susan for blind corner cabinet will help with organization and the optimization of space, while a kitchen island with cabinets will introduce room for even more storage, counter space, or even a stovetop.


    Updating your appliances and the electrical will also up the energy efficiency factor, which translates into lower energy costs in both the immediate and the short term. New appliances and electrical systems also mean that the kitchen will be safer, since there’s a safety risk to using old appliances with today’s electrical supplies, and vice versa.


    Benefits for Investment

    So how much does a kitchen remodel really increase the value of a home, and what exactly constitutes a cost effective kitchen remodel? Homelight.com puts the increase in value of a home at about 60% of the remodel costs, while Zillow reports that the return on investment for a kitchen remodel is about 81% for minor jobs that cost around $21,000 and 53% for major upscale jobs that are around $125,000. While you won’t be getting all of your money back, you can still expect to get a modest ROI (return on investment).


    Based on the above figures, it’s worth considering whether a minor job is right for you. First, consider any upgrades that seem to be the most urgent, and then determine what kind of minor jobs would have the greatest impact. New cabinets can do wonders for a kitchen and if you shop around, you can find excellent quality at attractive prices. This is especially the case for ready to assemble cabinets, which you can purchase online from reliable and affordable companies such as Nelson Cabinetry, which offers high quality RTA cabinets as well as different show-stopping sinks that are sure to catch any renter’s attention.


    Benefits for a Rental

    In addition to offering a significant return on investment for the sale of a property, a kitchen remodel also boosts the value of a rental. Kitchens and bathrooms have the greatest potential to “wow” possible renters, who may be willing to pay a little bit extra every month for little extras that may cost less than you would originally imagine. Meanwhile, when performing a kitchen remodel you’ll get a chance to address any issues that might become an issue down the line for renters, such fixtures or appliances.


    Overall, it’s wise to think at least five years down the line when planning a kitchen remodel. Investing in quality, classic features such as shaker kitchen cabinets make it possible for you to completely transform the look and functionality of the kitchen without breaking the bank.

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