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    Converting a Regular Sink Base into a Farmhouse or Apron Front Sink Base

    You may be wondering how to convert a regular sink base into a farmhouse or apron front sink base. The process is actually quite simple and only requires a few supplies that can be easily found at any hardware store.

    An apron front sink, which is also referred to as a farmhouse sink, is a type of sink that is designed to sit on top of the countertop instead of being recessed into it. They are often made of materials such as stainless steel, porcelain, or even copper.

    One of the benefits of an apron front sink is that they tend to be much deeper than regular sinks, which can be helpful if you do a lot of cooking or if you have large pots and pans. Since it rests closer to the counter’s edge, it means everything is easier to reach and is, therefore, a more ergonomic option. Nowadays, they provide extra room for washing large pots and pans and for food preparation like peeling and rinsing. Generally, they’re installed beneath the countertop, which means that it’s easy to brush water and crumbs into the sink. These sinks provide an attractive centerpiece to the kitchen, so it’s no wonder that their popularity has endured, even in the most modern of kitchens. They are also very easy to clean since there is no lip for food and dirt to collect on. To add one of these ergonomic and attractive sinks to your kitchen, it’s not necessary to have an apron sink base cabinet. You can turn a standard kitchen sink base cabinet into a farmhouse sink base cabinet by following the steps below.


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    But first of all, why is it called a farmhouse sink? Before the days of running water, these sinks were used to hold water for tasks throughout the day and minimize trips to the lake, well, or another water source. Unlike regular “drop-in” sinks, which are lowered into a countertop cavity, farmhouse sinks are installed beneath the counter and rest on top of a base cabinet. They, therefore, require a special cabinet configuration, but it’s entirely possible to convert an existing drop-in setup to accommodate a farmhouse sink.

    If you have been thinking about converting your regular sink base into an apron front sink base, then here are the supplies that you will need:

    -A drill

    -A jigsaw

    -A template of the apron front sink that you would like to install

    -Some sandpaper

    -A drill bit that is the same size as the holes in the template

    -Some wood glue

    -A few clamps


    You’ll want to choose a sink that is a few inches smaller in width than the cabinet so that there is cabinet trim on either side of the sink. The Shaker sink base cabinet from Nelson Cabinets, for example, measures 30 to 36″ in width, so a farmhouse sink measuring anywhere from 27″ to 33″ in width would be a good match.


    When preparing your sink base cabinet, first remove the front panels; this will leave the frame exposed, to which you can tape the cutout for the saw path. The area that you saw on the top is where you will slide in the sink. After this step, you will add the supports on the left and right sides which will serve to hold up the farmhouse sink. At this stage, you can put the front doors back on, and the next step is the installation of the sink.


    The sink slides into the cutout that you made and rests on top of the installed supports. There are shims beneath the sink that allow you to adjust the height if necessary. The maximum front face height of the sink is 8″. Once you’ve made any required adjustments, you’re ready to enjoy your new farmhouse sink! For a video tutorial that makes it possible for you to visualize the conversion process, check out our Youtube video: https://youtu.be/Puuu_aVKq80



    Though the farmhouse sink has its origins in rustic practicality, it’s a go-to feature for those today who are looking to update their modern kitchen design. The process of customizing kitchen sink base cabinets to accommodate a farmhouse sink requires some skill but makes an excellent DIY kitchen makeover project that offers many advantages – a farmhouse sink looks great and means less strain to reach into the generous basin, making your time in the kitchen all the more comfortable. Cleaning the countertops is easier because all it takes is a sweep of the sponge to clear everything into the sink, and this even further lightens the load of anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. If you’re considering a farmhouse sink for your kitchen, don’t be afraid to take on the challenge of converting your drop-in sink base cabinet; it’s not as difficult as you might think! For more helpful tips and tricks on kitchen makeovers, visit our blog.

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