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    Why it’s Worth Buying a Matching Bathroom Vanity and Linen Cabinet


    As a homeowner, you’re probably guessing that a bathroom model is pretty  straightforward. Well, guess again because there is much more to it than you  may think. Have you ever considered whether or not to invest in a single vanity  with a linen tower? Do you even know what a linen tower is? In any case,  here’s a memory refresher – it basically stories your linen and bathroom  essentials while looking elegant and fashionable. But wait, there’s more. All of  the reasons why a bathroom vanity and linen cabinet set is a worthwhile  investment are divulged right here.  


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    Storage Space  

    While having a big family can be fun on game night, not so much so when  everyone has their hygiene and beauty products lying here, there, and  everywhere. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that a bathroom vanity with a  couple of drawers and a regular-sized cabinet does not have nearly enough room  for the personal amnesties of a large family or even a couple who happen to be  bath and beauty product junkies. A bathroom vanity with an attached linen  cabinet, therefore, provides you with an attractive solution for the extra storage  space that you require.  


    Bathroom Organizer  

    Not only does a bathroom vanity and linen cabinet set enhance storage space; it  also arranges everything perfectly. Most run-of-the-mill bathroom cupboard  cupboards are voids filled with toiletries, toilet paper, and other personal care  essentials. Bathroom vanities with matching cabinets are specifically designed  for organization purposes. They, therefore, possess sorting devices such as  shelving and drawers that neatly store and group bathroom items. What was  once a disorderly mess of clutter can, therefore, be transformed into a neatly  organized space thanks to the orderly system of a bathroom vanity with an  attached linen cabinet.  


    Design Variations 

    The bathroom vanity and linen cabinet are designed together as a set, so they  invariably match. Traditionally, the vanity consists of a base cabinet with a wide  birth and the linen cabinet stands tall and comparatively narrow by its side. This standard form can, however, be subjected to multiple variations, such as  dimensions that deviate from the norm or hanging the cabinets from the wall for  a floating effect. Different stylistic elements and finishes can also be  incorporated into the design, like for instance stained glass doors, frameless  doors, open shelving, or integrated sinks.  


    Discount Combo Offers  

    Bathroom vanity and linen cabinet sets are often sold together at a discount, as  opposed to buying each item separately at a higher cost. There are also reduced  shipping costs involved as you will technically only be paying for the delivery of what is classified as a singular piece of furniture. At the end of the day,  purchasing a bathroom vanity with a matching cabinet from a supplier costs  significantly less than building two custom cabinets that complement one  another.  


    For Larger Bathrooms Too 

    Even if you have a spacious bathroom that does not need more storage capacity for toiletries, having a vanity with an attached linen cabinet can still be  beneficial. A linen closet, in particular, can be used to store bedroom linens and  to conceal personal effects that are used once in a blue moon, but still, need to  remain accessible. The bathroom vanity and linen cabinet set can also be used to  fill excess floor space and make a large bathroom appear better equipped and  cozy.  


    Exploring your options for your bathroom cabinetry is always a good idea.  Nelson Cabinetry offers standard white shaker cabinets, which makes them easy  to match your bathroom requirements. Reach out to us right away at 832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation – we can’t wait to explore your bathroom  cabinetry options together! 


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