Pros and Cons Assembled Cabinets vs RTA Cabinets


The online cabinetry industry is booming and why not? Purchasing cabinets  from the comfort of your own home while not compromising on quality and  customer service has never been easier. If you have joined the long list of  consumers that have switched to online shopping, then the choice is yours to  make between preassembled or RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets for your  kitchen or bathroom model. The main difference between assembled and RTA cabinets is that assembled cabinets are wholly constructed and ready for  installation, whereas RTA cabinets require self-assembly. A breakdown of the  pros and cons for each type of cabinet is provided to help you choose the  cabinetry that is the perfect fit for your household’s needs.  


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Assembled Kitchen Cabinet Pros  

-Fully assembled during the manufacturing process.

-Can be built according to custom specifications.


Assembled Kitchen Cabinet Cons  

-Lengthy lead times between the placement and shipment of the order as the cabinets are made-to-order.
-Usually constructed using MDF or Particleboard.
-Higher chance to get damaged during the transition.
-Expensive shipping (box boxes)


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RTA Cabinet Pros  

– A relatively short lead time due to the mass production of ready-to-ship inventory.
– Cabinet boxes are constructed using plywood or hardwood and not particle board.
– Incorporates professional-grade dovetail drawers that have been fitted expertly.
– Less chance to get damaged during the transition due to the flat-pack shipping.
– Lower shipping fee (flat packs)


RTA Cabinet Cons 

– Needs to be assembled
– Extra costs if a professional is hired for the assembly and installation.
– Chance to damage the cabinet during the assembly process.


Most of the previously listed RTA cabinet cons can be overcome by sourcing  your cabinets from a premium distributor such as Nelson Cabinetry. The ease of  installation of Nelson Cabinetry’s white shaker cabinets minimizes the risk of  damage and excess installation costs. In addition, Nelson Cabinetry is BBB  accredited, which makes us a trustworthy RTA cabinet supplier. Get in touch  with Nelson Cabinetry on 832-998-6598 or for a FREE consultation that will be to your every advantage.  


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