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Prefinished vs Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets


Don’t be mistaken in your hunt for new kitchen cabinets – the stock or custom  varieties are not your only options. There is also one other category, the  unfinished cabinet, which possesses characteristics of both stock and custom  kitchen cabinets. The semi-custom or unfinished kitchen cabinet has a  completed structure but without the paint, stain, and/or seal finish. In other  words, unfinished cabinets are essentially the unpainted, unsealed, and unstained  equivalent of site-finished cabinets. If you’re unsure of which way to go, then  evaluating the pros and cons of both is a good place to start. They are all here in  one place for your convenience, which makes your decision so  much easier.  




What Are Prefinished Cabinets? 

Prefinished Cabinets have been tinted, dyed, and/or varnished by professional  craftsmen during the manufacturing process. The fact that they are completed on-site means that a high standard in terms of quality is guaranteed. This is  because cabinet manufacturers follow strict quality control procedures to ensure  that they consistently produce a good quality product. Acquiring prefinished cabinets additionally saves you the amount of time that you would otherwise had to have spent painting and sealing the cabinets. On the other hand, the  selection of site cabinets available to consumers is limited to the colors and  sealants offered by the manufacturer.  


Are Unfinished Cabinets Worth Buying? 

Scrolling or paging through the color options for kitchen cabinets can be a depressing event if none of the alternatives match the look that you have  envisioned for your cabinetry. Unfinished cabinets, contrarily, allow you to create a custom finish. You can let your imagination run wild and become your own Picasso as you play around with different color schemes by mixing paints until you produce the exact hue that you would like. Instead of paying sky-high prices for the mass-produced hardware that accompanies site finished cabinets, you will also have the opportunity to select more economical fittings, like knobs and pulls from second-hand furniture stores for a one-off look.  


Color customization for kitchen cabinets was a luxury only once reserved for custom cabinets and the deep pockets that could afford them. Thankfully, times  have changed and unfinished cabinets have evolved into a canvas onto which you can apply your paintbrush at only a fraction of the cost. What’s more, by painting the cabinets yourself, you are saving money. Unfinished cabinets typically cost less than site-finished cabinets as the overheads involved – such as labor costs and materials – are reduced by quite a bit.  


However, if you lack confidence in finishing your cabinets yourself, you should  either consider purchasing site finished cabinets or hiring a contractor to complete the cabinets for you. There is nothing worse than an incomplete or poorly done job so make sure that the skill level of the person who finished the cabinets (whether it is yourself, or a hired professional) is sufficient.  


Another way of saving money on your kitchen cabinets is by going down the DIY route. With Nelson Cabinetry you can obtain premium ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets at wholesale prices. Find out more by contacting us on 832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation. Be wise with your money and call now! 


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