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    6 Most Popular Flooring Options for the Kitchen


    Choosing all the elements for your brand-new kitchen may be intimidating at times. It’s not always fun either, and you can certainly find a kitchen design expert to help make things easier. If not, then doing the research will help you make the best decisions. Kitchen flooring is one of the main aspects of your remodel and it requires you to be well informed. You have to think about a few things when choosing your flooring, such as: which types are the most resilient, which are easy to clean, which ones match your kitchen design, and so on. We’ve chosen a few kitchen flooring examples that may help you find what’s best for you.

    Ceramic tile flooring


    Gray Matte Ceramic Tile
    Image Source: Pinterest (Gray matte ceramic tile)

    As you may already know, this is the most popular choice when choosing kitchen flooring. It’s an affordable yet attractive option. Ceramic tile is easy to install because it’s a softer material but, on the downside, it’s also less durable. In addition, the cleaning may not be that easy because ceramic tile can absorb liquids easily.

    Porcelain tile flooring


    Image Source: Pinterest (Light gray glazed porcelain tile)


    Porcelain tile can be glazed or unglazed, and it’s much more durable than ceramic tile. One important advantage to a glaze is that it makes the tile more resilient so it won’t stain or crack easily. Glazes can have the look of stone, concrete, or even wood. Porcelain tile has many practical benefits, but it’s also more costly. Also, if you decide on this type of flooring, keep in mind to buy one that’s slip-resistant.

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    Natural stone flooring


    Image Source: Pinterest (Limestone kitchen flooring)

    Five different types of natural stone flooring include marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone. With this option, you can easily match your flooring with your kitchen countertops. It’s also a great investment. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages and requires protective sealing.

    Hardwood flooring


    Image Source: Pinterest (Hardwood kitchen flooring)

    This option best works if you have an open–space kitchen and the rest of your flooring is hardwood as well. Hardwood kitchens tend to be more durable in contrast with stone or tile. Also, you can always reseal it or refinish it in case of stains and dents.

    Bamboo flooring


    Image Source: Pinterest (Bamboo kitchen flooring)

    Nowadays many people are switching to eco-friendly materials for their homes. Bamboo is an incredibly strong yet affordable material. It grows every three to five years and is much denser than hardwood. However, it’s harder to refinish than hardwood.

    Vinyl flooring

    Image Source: Pinterest (Vinyl plank flooring)

    Vinyl can mimic the look of hardware or stone. It’s a very cheap and affordable material. Over the years it has become very popular but it’s still retained its affordability. It’s highly durable and because of its versatility, it can match many kitchen designs.



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