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5 Plumbing Considerations For Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen has always been the heart of every home. Since time immemorial, this room is where family and friends share time, resources, and effort to make meals that nourish one another. In this light, it’s an incredibly important place. This explains why some people want to remodel. There will come a time when the current kitchen we have no longer meets our needs or is falling apart after years of neglect or wear and tear. At that point, it’s essential to consider seeking the expertise of a plumber in Everett, WA, who can help address any plumbing issues that might arise during kitchen renovations or repairs.


Plumbers working on kitchen sink


Most homeowners have mixed feelings when remodeling a kitchen. Envisioning s new look for it may be exciting. But you also have to worry about the amount of work you need to do, especially with the plumbing. Luckily, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by going through your plumbing concerns first. Check out this helpful site and other similar sources to know more about the ins and outs of this topic.  Meanwhile, you can get started on planning out your plumbing for a kitchen remodel by following these key considerations. 

Keeping Track Of What You Want To Change

Before you start with anything, brainstorm how you want your kitchen to look in the end first. Where will you put all of the essentials? How much are you going to change? Will you buy new appliances, as well? Answering these questions is key to figuring out the layout of your wiring and plumbing.  


Start by conducting a thorough review of your kitchen. Note where you want things to be, which parts will stay where they are, and which ones will affect your water supply. You should consult a professional plumber at this point. This way, you’ll know if the changes you make are sensible and easy to pull off.

Rerouting The Plumbing  

Once you settle on what to change in your kitchen, the next consideration is rerouting the plumbing. A plumber can work hand-in-hand with a contractor to make the reroutes meld seamlessly with the updates in its layout.  


The rerouting phase can take a while; you’ll have to work out all the new pipes you and valves you should purchase and how much of your walls you have to break to make rerouting possible. But this step ensures your project proceeds smoothly. After all, your sink simply won’t work if you move it without also shifting the pipes.

Checking The Shutoff Valves 

As mentioned before, you’ll have to think about getting new valves, particularly the shutoff valve. This is responsible for regulating the flow of water through your plumbing. It comes in handy when a leak happens because you can use it to cut off the supply and prevent waste manually.


Since you’re bound to be making changes with the pipes, you might as well check out the shutoff valves if there are enough and working well. Dishwashers and certain types of fridges will need them to function properly.


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Prioritizing The Sink

Upgrading your sink is also essential. In fact, you should work on it first before thinking about appliances and cabinetry. This kitchen fixture relies so much on your pipework, after all.  


You may have to change your sink when it leaks or has extensive rusting and water damage. If you’re buying a new one, make sure it fits the measurements of your counter as well as the look you’re going for. Make sure it can fit with the new plumbing you’re planning to get.


Installing a kitchen sink
Installing a kitchen sink


Updating The Plumbing Altogether  

If you have the budget, a kitchen-wide plumbing overhaul may be a worthwhile investment.  


You can modernize your plumbing by replacing old, rusty pipes with ones made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is a great option for the main water line since it preserves drinking water quality better and is resistant to corrosion. Its lightness also makes it much easier to install. Upgrading to this can save you a lot of time when you get to the other parts of your kitchen.


If your kitchen remodeling plans involve repositioning a lot of fixtures, expect the addition of new plumbing. They may be necessary for certain parts to function in their new locations. For example, shifting or adding a new fridge with a water dispenser requires major plumbing adjustments. Make sure you cover this before you start making any changes first to avoid setbacks.

Your Plumbing Should Meet Your New Kitchen’s Needs  

A kitchen remodeling project is worth considering if you want to level up your favorite space in your home. The project takes time and a lot of consideration, especially with the plumbing. Just put first things first, and you can avoid a lot of trouble in the remodeling process. Remember to budget smartly and work with professionals you can trust.

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