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    A Guide for Personalizing the Look of Your Kitchen




    Kitchen renovation involves making some tough decisions. What if you like different kitchen styles and you need a “not too little, too much” combination that works? Here’s a how-to guide for getting gorgeous kitchen looks through different styles. 


    Whether you’re a chef or just a foodie without many cooking skills, a kitchen is a place we hold close to our hearts. Your kitchen must reflect a little bit of your personality. 


    A place that feels cozy on a rainy day is a place that can lift you up on a bright, sunny day too – a kitchen is yours to love and enjoy. And thanks to the internet and social media, we’ve seen so many styles, from luxurious to modest, creative to minimal. And the beautiful thing is, there’s no right or wrong.


    We’re going to show you a couple of designs we particularly like with a quick guide on how to achieve that look.



    A Rustic country house charm


    rustic shaker kitchen
    Image Source: Pinterest


    Rustic looks will feature the natural colors and finishes of wood. It adds charm to any space, especially when combined with other elements. Having a very particular and repetitive design can ultimately be overwhelming. Mixing white Shaker cabinets with natural wood shelves is a sure guarantee that you’ll have setup that’s cozy and calm. Adding subway tiles for a timeless yet modern look will make your kitchen effortlessly gorgeous. A farmhouse sink completes the dream vision of a rustic country house.


    For extra charm, displaying plants, lively decorations, or even art is a fine step towards self-expression. And if you get tired of this look, wall cabinets can transform your kitchen into a bright contemporary space with a gorgeous storage room.




    Industrial chic


    industrial shaker kitchen
    Image Source: Pinterest


    An industrial kitchen must involve elements like bricks, metal, or wood. This style foregrounds functionality, and if it matches your personality, don’t hesitate.


    If you like some industrial elements but don’t want a kitchen that comes across as too functional or masculine, there are some alternatives you can choose to brighten it up. Pick a lighter shade of gray Shaker cabinets instead of dark hues and avoid using too much brick. Add a few brick accents here and there and pick black metal pulls for your drawer cabinets. This gives you more metal accents, which will reflect the light for visual interest.


    With a little bit of imagination, you can personalize your kitchen style. Getting just the right amounts of design elements is the formula for a well-balanced, welcoming, and chic industrial kitchen.




    An elegant white and gold look 


    white shaker kitchen
    Image Source: Pinterest


    You can love a kitchen that looks great even when it’s messy, but a neat, white, and elegant kitchen simply takes a breath away. Clean lines, white shaker cabinets, and golden elements are everything you need for this look. A “less is more” mantra where the only contrast is the floor can give a lot of calm and cozy vibes to people who opt for this look. This design is a personal statement and a bald preference with a glimpse of luxury. Instead of wood, opt for quartz/marble countertops and backsplash. Golden elements like a faucet or cabinet pulls are a great way to add luxury. 




    gray shaker kitchen
    Image Source: Pinterest

    When planning and decorating your home, you must see a reflection of your personality and the things you love. There is no such thing as a flawless kitchen that appeals to different tastes. Instead, go bold or keep it clean and simple, the choice is yours. Make your kitchen a personal oasis that makes you feel good and productive in different ways. And with the right planning and the right choices, your kitchen doesn’t always have to be an expensive investment. It can be a smart investment that can grow together with you and change. 


    If you’re unsure about the budget or preferences, our designers are here to help. Our free 3D kitchen design can show you possibilities of what your kitchen can be. And with affordable prices, our Shaker-style cabinets can be the perfect asset in personal expression.




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