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Saying Farewell to 5 Cabinetry Trends That Won’t Make the Cut in 2024

No matter what type of home you have, kitchen cabinets can set the tone for the entire space. For many homeowners, sleek kitchen cabinets and tasteful bathroom furnishings will always stay timeless no matter the year. But sadly, even with their staying power other cabinet trends come and go as design styles change. Explore five cabinetry trends that won’t make the cut in 2024 below so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time (and catch up on some new design inspiration at the same time!)

Cabinets That Don’t Reach the Ceiling

For a minimalist appearance, leaving empty space above your cabinets used to be the popular choice. However, homeowners and designers now prefer a more streamlined look in their kitchens. This means saying goodbye to the dusty zone that often accumulates above open cabinets.


Example of cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling


Why the change? Well, first and foremost, it’s a practical decision. Those gaps can collect dust, turning your stylish kitchen into a cleaning nightmare. Moreover, it disrupts the visual flow, making the space feel less organized and harmonious.


Cabinets that reach the ceiling
Cabinets that reach the ceiling will be more popular in 2024


Design enthusiasts are now gravitating towards floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This not only maximizes storage but also gives your kitchen a polished and cohesive look. The seamless transition from cabinet to ceiling creates the illusion of height, giving your kitchen a more spacious feel.

Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinets, once popular in rustic-chic designs, are losing their appeal as we approach 2024. This trend, characterized by intentionally aged and worn appearance, is no longer favored by homeowners and designers.



The distressed look, reminiscent of worn jeans or vintage leather jackets, had its moment in the spotlight. However, it appears that we are now leaning towards a cleaner and more polished aesthetic. Homeowners are exchanging the intentionally weathered appearance for sleek and modern vibes.


Why the change? One reason is that the distressed style can quickly become overwhelming. What might have started as a charmingly rustic vibe can turn into a kitchen that looks excessively worn. And, let’s be honest, constantly maintaining that “perfectly imperfect” distressed look can be more trouble than it’s worth.


White and gold kitchen
White and gold kitchen designed with shaker cabinets


As we approach 2024, the trend pendulum is swinging towards smoother finishes. Homeowners are embracing cleaner lines and solid colors, creating kitchens that feel timeless and versatile. It’s a departure from the time when the goal was to make your cabinets resemble those that have endured a century.

Overly Decorative Hardware

Over-the-top hardware with intricate designs and embellishments is becoming less popular for a few good reasons. Firstly, practicality is the main concern. While elaborate hardware may catch attention, it can also become a nuisance by getting stuck on clothing and causing constant irritation. Homeowners now prefer hardware that not only looks good but also seamlessly functions in their daily kitchen routines.



Furthermore, overly decorative hardware can quickly go out of style. What may be trendy today can appear out of place tomorrow, leaving your kitchen feeling outdated. The shift towards simpler and timeless hardware ensures that your kitchen remains stylish without the need for frequent updates.


As we approach 2024, the mantra is clear: less is more. Sleek and minimalist hardware designs are taking the spotlight, providing a clean and contemporary finish to kitchen cabinets. So, if you’re tempted by the appeal of elaborate knobs and pulls, it might be time to reconsider and embrace the beauty of simplicity in your kitchen’s hardware game.


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Dark Brown Wood Cabinets

In the same vein, dark brown wood cabinets, once synonymous with classic coziness, are giving way to a brighter and airier kitchen ambiance as we enter 2024. This long-standing trend, known for its warm and rich tones, is gradually losing popularity as homeowners and designers lean towards lighter and more versatile alternatives.


Dark brown wood cabinets


Dark brown cabinets have always held appeal for their ability to create a sense of warmth and sophistication. However, as we move towards the future, there is growing interest in brighter spaces that exude a more open and modern feel.


Practicality also plays a role in this shift. Dark brown cabinets can absorb a significant amount of light, making kitchens feel smaller and sometimes even cave-like. With the new year upon us, homeowners are gravitating towards lighter hues to enhance natural light and create a more spacious atmosphere.


Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood and Glass Door Cabinets
Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood and Glass Door Cabinets


Additionally, the trend towards minimalist and contemporary design aesthetics is directing people away from the traditional, heavy look of dark wood. Lighter cabinets offer a versatile canvas that can be easily accessorized and updated without requiring a major overhaul.



Cabinets With Heavy Crown Molding

During the era of heavy crown molding, there was an effort to bring a touch of traditional elegance to kitchen spaces. However, as design preferences evolve, there’s an increasing inclination towards simplicity and modernity. The intricate details of heavy crown molding are being replaced by a desire for sleeker, more minimalist aesthetics in kitchen design.


Cabinets with heavy crown molding
Cabinets with heavy crown molding


This shift is driven by practicality as well. Cleaning and maintaining cabinets with ornate crown molding can be troublesome as dust and grime tend to accumulate in those decorative crevices. Homeowners are now leaning towards simpler, easier-to-maintain designs that prioritize practicality.


Furthermore, heavy crown molding can visually overwhelm a kitchen, giving it a cramped and outdated feel. The trend for 2024 focuses on creating an open and spacious atmosphere, leading away from the elaborate molding that characterized kitchens in the past.


Pro tip: Read our guide on how to properly install crown molding in your kitchen and make it look good.

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