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These Out-of-the-Box Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas Are Everything




Everyone gathers in the kitchen and a beautiful design is essential for most homeowners. But what happens when the color of your cabinets doesn’t shine the way it used to? It’s time to think outside the box with new cabinet color ideas.


White kitchen cabinets are a timeless feature any home can have. A lot of people find clean, white cabinets to be the obvious choice for many reasons and we can only agree. But is there a reason why you should stick with the same color of your cabinets until they fall apart? Or what happens if you need a change and you feel a new color palette will make a huge difference? If your cabinets last 10 or 15 years, a small cosmetic lift can give your kitchen a whole new feel.


With so many cabinet color options, painting cabinets can be both fun and constructive. Your kitchen can become something different within a week and your cabinets will get extra protection.



Light kitchen cabinet colors


Image Source: Pinterest


Opting for light colors in kitchen cabinets can give you a lot of creative freedom to add more color and detail through other kitchen elements. You can opt to blend colors or you can add a contrasting color to break the monotony. The combinations are limitless but they depend on your style and preference. 



Bold kitchen cabinet colors


Image Source: Pinterest


Adding some contrast to your pale kitchen can be something you might want to try if you’re tired of your kitchen’s look. Opting for dark shades of green, blue, or maroon can give your kitchen a lot of character. This can really transform your kitchen and will be sure to impress your guests.


Color palette


Image Source: Pinterest


Unless you’re really visually oriented, it can be difficult to imagine what the results will be when choosing the right color palette for your kitchen. What we’ve found inspiring is the option of going through beautiful photos on Pinterest, where you can see examples of all different kinds of palettes.



Photos for your inspiration


Image Source: Pinterest


Image Source: Pinterest






Image Source: Pinterest

Kitchen cabinets come in different colors and styles. The key is to find the winning combination! An effective kitchen in terms of interior design is one that’s appealing to the eye. If you add smart choices when it comes to storage and layout, you’re on the right track to having the perfect kitchen. Whether you opt for white cabinets or you go bold and creative, remember that a kitchen must speak to you first. 


If you’re sold on the idea of painting your kitchen cabinets, check out these 7 easy steps on how to paint your kitchen cabinets. But if you’d rather shop for new kitchen cabinets, Nelson Cabinetry can help you with a free 3D kitchen design + a discount code for kitchen cabinets. 




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