One-wall Kitchen Layout: Here’s What You Need To Know About It!




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There’s something beautiful in simplicity. An example of something simple yet beautiful would be a one-wall kitchen layout. Everything is right at your touch and you don’t have to move too far for anything. The one-wall kitchen layout is usually at least 8 feet long. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen design that’s beautiful, simple, easy to access, and perfect for smaller places, a one-wall kitchen design is a perfect fit for you! To find out why, read the article below.




One-wall layout



  • The one-wall kitchen design is very like a galley kitchen. The difference is that galley kitchens have two rows of cabinets and countertops separated by one aisle.


  • This kitchen design is the perfect and most favorite design for smaller houses and apartments. Like we mentioned, counters and cabinets usually run for about 8 feet, but it could be less if you add an island which will give you more storage space. Adding an island in this case would be important because you wouldn’t have enough room to fit larger appliances.



  • One-wall kitchen layouts are often augmented with mobile kitchen islands or similar items that allow more countertop space for food preparation.







  • The biggest advantage would be inexpensiveness. This is due to very limited storage and counter space, as well as fewer wall and base cabinets used. Cabinetry and counters are indeed the most expensive segments of kitchen remodeling, so it makes sense.


  • Another advantage would be that this layout is perfect for a fun DIY project. Since there’s no a lot of work with joining up countertops and cabinets, it would be an easy task. Try it yourself and let us know!


  • Since you’ll be using only one wall for your appliances and cabinets, you’ll have more space for other living areas in your home. Create a unique open-space concept and blend it all in.


  • Last good thing is that your cooking will be easier than ever! Why? Because all the major cooking functions are kept within a few feet of each other. Voila!







  • The disappointing thing may be that the one-wall kitchen layout could make a slight problem if you decide on selling your house. Many homebuyers are opting for bigger kitchen designs nowadays unless the house requires a one-wall kitchen design.


  • One leads to another, so the second disadvantage is the resale value. One-wall kitchen layout lowers the value of your home simply because many homebuyers want a high premium over a simple kitchen design.


  • The advantage was that you save your money on those extra cabinets and counter, but, there’s but. Less counter space and less cabinetry mean less space for cooking and less storage space. But, if you enjoy cooking, don’t forget to get yourself a mobile kitchen island. You can even do some impromptu job such as putting cutting boards over your sink!



Extra tips




  • Always keep in mind to freely use mobile islands or something similar. Even, if your space allows, install a smaller permanent kitchen island. You’ll have more storage space and less stressful situations. Also, it gives you the option to install an appliance, such as a sink or inset microwave, on the island. You also have the opportunity to add a seating area to your kitchen island, providing extra space to entertain guests.


  • Can’t change your one-wall kitchen design but want to increase your resale home value? Well, opt for installing better-high-quality counters (quartz). Do your research and find high-quality cabinets. And lastly, opt for energy star, premium appliances.


  • Another thing that could help a little—if possible, choose the wall without a window. It’ll give you some extra space for at least one or two wall cabinets.


  • You can also get creative and hang your most-used pots and pans on a hanging rack above your island or hang them on a space on your wall.






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