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White and gray kitchen cabinets can be a beautiful choice if you’re looking for something that will lend itself to many design approaches while still achieving its unique look. Combining these two colors can be tricky but if done right, you’ll get a gorgeous and modern kitchen that feels classic and elegant without being too stuffy. Today, we will introduce you to a combination of white and gray kitchen cabinets.


Why you should do it

Kitchens are meant to be a space that feels comfortable and relaxing for the entire family. White and gray cabinets can help do just that. White brings in brightness, making the room feel more open and spacious, while gray provides a grounded feeling with its darker tone.

The best thing about this is that you can mix the colors as you please. You do not have to be afraid to use too much of one color because you can always balance it out with the other color. If you are not sure how to mix the colors, you can always take a look at pictures online or in magazines. There are many different designs that you can choose from, so you will not have any trouble finding one that will fit your needs.

How can I achieve this?

If you’re not sure where to start, consider using white as your main color and adding touches of gray throughout the space. You can do this with accessories, furniture, or even flooring. Another option is to use gray as your main color and add pops of white wherever you need them. This can be done with appliances, cabinets, countertops, and more.


Where should I use it?

In most cases, the combination of white and gray in kitchen design is used for cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, tiles, floors, and other parts of your kitchen. When looking for the best kitchen cabinets, you must get a quality product. However, do not forget to also consider the price of the cabinets. Cheap kitchen cabinets may not be the best option, but expensive ones may not be either. Look for affordable and kitchen cabinets of good quality.


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Another thing to consider is the type of material that the kitchen cabinets are made of. If you want something durable and easy to clean, opt for the combination of white and gray Shaker kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made of engineered wood. This type of material is smooth to touch, durable, and it lasts longer than most types of lumber like cherry or hickory wood.


Custom or semi-custom?

Most companies that make white and gray cabinets also offer the option to customize their products. At Nelson Cabinetry you will find semi-custom cabinetry that brings the best of both worlds. The measurements can also be specified so that the cabinets will fit in the available space. It’s best to measure the space where you want to put the cabinets so that you can get an idea of what size to order.


The right color combination

A mix of white and gray Shaker cabinets can create a warm, sophisticated look in your kitchen. The light gray color will add contrast to the white walls and floors, while the clean lines of the Shaker cabinet doors will keep the look streamlined and modern. If your kitchen is small or cramped, using Shaker cabinets in gray can help to open it up and make it feel more spacious. No matter what color you choose, Shaker cabinets are a versatile and stylish choice for any kitchen.



White and gray kitchen cabinets can be used as a contrast to the other cabinet types such as those made of wood, glass, or metal. If you want your kitchen to have a modern look, then this palette will go perfectly with any design that you have in mind. For instance, if you have a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, using white and gray cabinets will add a touch of sophistication. Regardless of what colors you use or how you mix them up, white and gray kitchen cabinets are a time-tested design choice that will stand the test of time. Shaker cabinets in particular pair beautifully with these neutral hues. They’re elegant and stylish – and they’ll create the space you’ve always dreamed of having.


In conclusion

Gray and white kitchen cabinets provide a smart, formal look that can enhance any kitchen. With white and gray Shaker cabinets you can create the perfect kitchen for your home. The most important thing is to keep the balance between the colors. If you decide to go with gray wall cabinetry, then you’re supposed to buy white base cabinets.  And if you decide to buy gray appliances, then you should place them in the white tall cabinetry to get some contrast. And that’s the secret when it comes to combining these two colors! 



P.S. If you’re still not sure how you could pull this out, check out our free 3D design tool or contact our professionals for a free consultation at info@nelsonkb.com/832-998-6598.


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