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How to Design a Mediterranean Kitchen

Picture yourself entering a kitchen that effortlessly whisks you away to the sun-drenched coasts of the Mediterranean. The comforting embrace of terracotta tones, the earthy scent of natural materials, and the enduring appeal of rustic furnishings all synergize to form a space that radiates both comfort and sophistication.


mediterranean kitchen


Designing a Mediterranean kitchen surpasses mere aesthetics; it encapsulates a lifestyle, a homage to culinary traditions, and a seamless fusion of indoor-outdoor living. In this guide, we will explore the vital components and intricate nuances that compose the enchanting allure of a Mediterranean kitchen.

Color Palette and Materials

Embracing Natural Tones

At the core of every Mediterranean kitchen design lies a thoughtfully curated color palette and a range of materials that capture the essence of the region’s landscapes and traditions. Embracing natural tones is key to achieving the sun-drenched spirit of the Mediterranean. Warm shades like terracotta, reminiscent of sun-baked clay, create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. Olive green, reflecting the lush foliage of olive trees, brings in a refreshing natural element that complements the overall earthy palette. Creamy whites, reminiscent of whitewashed coastal villages, create a timeless backdrop that allows other design elements to shine.

The Allure of Natural Materials

To truly embody the Mediterranean aesthetic, the use of natural materials is fundamental. Stone surfaces, whether as countertops or flooring, evoke the rugged beauty of the region’s landscapes. Incorporating clay elements, such as pottery and handcrafted tiles, further connects the kitchen to the rich artisanal heritage of Mediterranean cultures. Wood, often present in rustic beams, cabinetry, and furniture, adds warmth and authenticity to the space, contributing to the overall organic ambiance.

Enchanting Tilework

Tilework is another essential aspect of Mediterranean kitchen design. Intricate mosaic or hand-painted tiles on backsplashes and countertops can elevate these functional surfaces into stunning works of art. These tiles often showcase vibrant patterns and colors, drawing inspiration from the sea, nature, and historical motifs. They infuse the kitchen with a sense of history and culture, reflecting the cherished craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.

Furniture and Cabinetry

Mediterranean kitchen design embraces a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, where each piece of furniture and cabinetry contributes to the overall appeal of the space. Rooted in the region’s rich history and rustic sensibilities, this design aspect embodies simplicity, elegance, and a touch of well-worn character.

Embracing Rustic Cabinetry

White and gold kitchen
White and gold kitchen designed with shaker cabinets


One of the defining features of a Mediterranean kitchen is its preference for traditional cabinetry. Wooden cabinets take the spotlight, bringing in a warm and authentic atmosphere. Distressed finishes or simple yet elegant designs are favored, evoking the passage of time and the stories that have unfolded within these walls. In the context of RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) white shaker cabinets, the classic shaker style perfectly harmonizes with the Mediterranean theme. The clean lines and unadorned appearance of shaker cabinets complement the overall aesthetic, seamlessly integrating while maintaining an inviting ambiance.

Showcasing Open Shelving

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf


Open shelving plays a vital role in Mediterranean kitchen design, providing practical storage and an opportunity to display decorative items, ceramics, and cookware. By serving as a stage for beloved kitchenware, open shelves contribute to the lived-in and collected look that characterizes Mediterranean interiors. Consider arranging vibrant pottery, patterned dishes, and charming utensils on these shelves. In the context of RTA white shaker cabinets, open shelves can create a beautiful contrast, allowing the clean white lines of the cabinetry to accentuate the colorful and artistic pieces on display.

Exploring Furniture Choices

Furniture choices in a Mediterranean kitchen should align with the rustic yet elegant aesthetic. Think of introducing pieces that exude timeless charm and a sense of history. Rustic or wrought-iron furniture, such as stools, chairs, and tables, can be wonderful additions. These pieces add texture and character to the space while embracing the simplicity that defines Mediterranean design. RTA white shaker cabinets, with their adaptable nature, provide a neutral backdrop that allows the furniture to stand out, striking a harmonious balance between functionality and style.


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Layout and Space

Designing a Mediterranean kitchen involves more than just choosing colors and materials. It requires creating a harmonious space that promotes both functionality and a welcoming atmosphere. The layout and arrangement of the kitchen play a crucial role in achieving this, as they encourage a connection between the kitchen and the surrounding areas while embracing natural light and the Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle.


Kitchen Layouts


Embrace an Open Layout

An open floor plan is a signature feature of Mediterranean kitchen design. By removing walls and partitions, the kitchen seamlessly flows into adjacent spaces like the dining area, living room, or outdoor patio. This creates a heartwarming environment where friends and family can gather, enjoy conversations, and share the joy of cooking. To enhance the airy and inviting atmosphere, consider using RTA white shaker cabinets as elegant focal points that blend seamlessly into the space.

Harnessing Ample Natural Light

Natural light is a vital component of Mediterranean design as it adds vitality and positivity to the kitchen. Incorporating large windows and doors allows abundant sunlight to stream in, casting a warm glow throughout the space. The clean lines and subtle textures of RTA white shaker cabinets can be accentuated by the incoming light. Additionally, using reflective surfaces like ceramic tiles and glass can further enhance the diffusion of light, creating an uplifting and spacious atmosphere.

Blur the Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The Mediterranean lifestyle embraces the blend between indoor and outdoor living. Implementing elements that blur the line between these two realms can enhance the kitchen’s overall appeal. For instance, French doors opening onto a courtyard, terrace, or garden can seamlessly connect the kitchen to the outdoors. Consider incorporating a small herb garden near the kitchen to infuse the air with the delightful scents of basil and rosemary, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean spirit. This integration of nature and architecture adds depth to the space and complements the region’s love for outdoor living.

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Details


Captivating Ceramics and Pottery

Vibrant ceramics and pottery hold a special spot in Mediterranean kitchen design, infusing the space with a sense of history and artistic flair. These decorative elements not only bring lively colors to the kitchen but also honor the craftsmanship of the region. From beautifully patterned plates adorning walls to hand-painted bowls serving as fruit baskets, ceramics effortlessly combine ornamentation with practicality. These pieces narrate tales of local traditions, adding a personal touch to the kitchen’s aesthetics. Complementing RTA white shaker cabinets, these ceramics offer pops of color and character, creating a dynamic contrast against the pristine white backdrop.

Luxurious Fabrics

Fabrics in a Mediterranean kitchen add layers of texture and patterns, evoking the allure of coastal homes and rustic farmhouses. Tablecloths boasting intricate designs, curtains swaying gently with the breeze, and cushions embellished with rich patterns all contribute to the tactile opulence of the space. These textiles, often inspired by nature and local craftsmanship, introduce a touch of comfort and elegance. When combined with RTA white shaker cabinets, these fabrics strike a perfect balance between minimalism and lavishness, enhancing the visual allure of the kitchen.

Invigorating Plants and Greenery

Bringing the outdoors inside is crucial in Mediterranean kitchen design, and plants play a significant role in achieving this connection. Potted herbs like rosemary, basil, and thyme provide fresh ingredients for cooking as well as fragrances that transport you to Mediterranean gardens. Succulents and other greenery add a touch of life and vibrancy to countertops and windowsills. These plants contribute to a sense of freshness and well-being, echoing the region’s profound appreciation for the natural world. Against the background of RTA white shaker cabinets, the plants introduce a lively contrast and serve as a reminder of the flourishing landscapes that inspire this design.


Final Thoughts

Crafting a Mediterranean kitchen is an artistic voyage that transports us to the sun-soaked landscapes, vibrant cultures, and timeless customs of the Mediterranean region. With its focus on organic hues, authentic elements, and captivating intricacies, this aesthetic beckons us to imbue our spaces with coziness, heritage, and a touch of wanderlust.


Embracing the principles of spacious designs, abundant natural light, and a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, we fashion kitchens that serve as culinary sanctuaries and social hubs, fostering interaction and fostering creativity.


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