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Top Trends to Watch in 2023 for Master Bathroom Remodeling

Morning routine often sets the tone for what’s to come. That’s why creating a relaxing, breathtaking space that can give you a little boost from the off is crucial. If your bathroom looks ugly or its functionality leaves much to be desired, consider hiring bathroom remodeling companies for its floor-to-ceiling remodeling. We’ve collected the latest trends that you may want to follow.  


Bathroom remodeling contractors can help implement any design idea
Bathroom remodeling contractors can help implement any design idea


Sustainable and Durable Bathroom Materials 

If you strive to lead a debt-free and environmentally aware lifestyle, you likely commit to sustainability and wise financial investments. Selecting durable, eco-friendly materials allows you to keep on doing that. Below, you’ll find a short list of design elements that can ensure a trendy design that will stand the test of time. 

Recycled Glass and Ceramic Tiles

Today, you can come across hundreds of manufacturers specializing in producing recycled tiles. They utilize post-consumer and post-industrial glass that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. So, it’s a win-win! These tiling materials stand out with a firm surface resistant to scratches and heat. And no, they won’t look outdated. You can choose from various colors and patterns to match your interior décor. 

Low-VOC Cabinetry Materials 

For a long-lasting bathroom makeover, go for low-VOC cabinetry materials. VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – harm the environment and human health. Hence, when discussing your project details with bathroom remodeling contractors, ask to select paints, sealants, or adhesives that are VOC-free or low-VOC at least. Bamboo, wheat boards, and reclaimed wood are purchasing-worthy examples of green, low-VOC materials. 

Non-Porous Surfaces 

Porcelain and stone make for an evergreen bathroom design trend. Moisture-resistant and smooth surfaces are perfect for the wet environment of a bathing space. You don’t need to go all out to clean walls and other elements, meaning the need for harsh chemical cleaning products is reduced to zero. Moreover, such surfaces are exceptionally resilient and heavy-duty, so you won’t have to replace them soon. 

Water-Saving and Eco-Friendly Features

In 2023, water conservation and eco-friendliness have finally found their place in home design. Homeowners can now jam-pack their bathrooms with compelling features that contribute to water conservation and lowering utility bills. 

High-efficiency Toilets

Are you willing to take the next-level step to create an eco-friendly home? Consider upgrading your toilet. While a traditional one consumes around 3.5 to 7 gallons of water per flush, a high-efficiency one only needs 1.28 gallons. In other words, you can save thousands of gallons of water yearly. It is as cool as it sounds!

Low-flow Showerheads

A bathroom remodel is a great excuse to add another innovative device to the space. A low-flow showerhead creates an illusion of a powerful flow as it employs the principle of aeration, but the truth is that it only uses a fraction of the water. So, you can reduce your water footprint while significantly slashing utility bills by lowering the energy required to heat the water. 

Smart Water Heating Systems

When looking for bathroom remodel companies, clarify whether they can help you with an upgrade of your water heating system. Smart water heaters function on demand rather than keeping a tank full of always-hot water, decreasing energy use and the carbon footprint. You can also come across out-of-this-world options with a ‘vacation mode’ that eliminates energy waste when you are out. These systems can also be powered by solar energy, so homeowners living in California, Texas, or the Sunshine State can enjoy additional eco-friendly benefits. 

Advanced Bathroom Technologies

A neutral color palette is always in fashion
A neutral color palette is always in fashion


If your bathroom is your go-to for relaxation after a long day, boosting its convenience and comfort can make a difference in your mental state. That’s where high-tech fixtures come in, revolutionizing how you utilize your bathroom and how you treat hygiene, comfort, and conservation of natural resources. You can be surprised how different your daily routine can feel and look. 

Touchless Faucets

You may fancy touchless faucets if you freak out over gems and bacteria spread around. This revolutionary feature can reshape your self-care routine. The faucets operate using motion sensor technology – once it senses the presence of your hands, it turns on the water. Once installed, you can conserve multiple gallons of water as it will only be supplied when sensors catch some activity underneath. With touchless faucets, you can say bye to unnecessary water wastage. 

Digital Shower Controls

Another exciting trend for master bathroom remodeling this year is the digital shower control. Yes, the future is now. And you can personalize your shower experience, from the water temperature to its pressure, literally at the touch of a button. Advanced controls come with a built-in memory function so that you can save your preferred settings for the next use. With this level of customization, your shower experience will be something people dream of. 

Self-Cleaning Toilets and Bidets

Self-cleaning toilets and bidets are rounding off the list of top-level bathroom technologies that have become the hottest trends in 2023. These facilities can utilize water-repelling and light-activated materials to remove dirt or feature a UV light. As a result, your toilet is cleaner, and you don’t need to sweat out to make it shine. And self-cleaning bidets are a godsend for everyone craving uncompromising hygiene and comfort. 


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Color and Design Trends for 2023

2023 master bathroom remodeling trends merge functionality, well-being, and aesthetics. So, it’s also necessary to mention colors and styles that make their mark in the world this year. Want to create a space that delivers a comforting and nourishing environment? Here are a few aspects you should pay attention to. 

Neutral Color Schemes

Bright colors and dark hues will have to wait their turn as neutral color schemes dominate this year. This palette’s calming and comforting effect makes it the perfect choice for uncertain times. You can choose from warm tones of beige, gray, and cream. Whether you use them alone or as the background for vibrant artwork, you can create a rich yet harmonious ambiance.

Increased Use of Natural Light

It’s common knowledge that increased sunlight offers essential health benefits and can boost your mood no worse than a chocolate bar. Incorporating globally inspired large windows and skylights into your bathroom will help bring in natural light. You can also employ reflective colors and lighters to enhance natural lighting and create the illusion of more space to savor tranquil mornings and peaceful evenings.

Spa-Like Features

In 2023, spa-like features become a staple in many houses as creating a home sanctuary is now the #1 trend. You can transform your bathroom into a personal wellness haven with a rainfall shower, floating vanities, or freestanding tubs. And stone and wood elements, combined with natural hues, can add to this serene aesthetic.

Vintage Vanity Styles

You might not have expected it, but vintage vanity styles make a comeback this year, signifying a return to traditional, nostalgic design. You can pair your vintage vanity with modern fixtures and finishes to create a marvelous blend of the past and the present.

Final Thoughts 

Modern bathroom makeover trends may seem a tough nut to crack, so it may be tempting to go for something simpler and common. However, if you dream of a brand-new bathroom that goes with technology and can bring your healthy routine to the next level, it’s worth searching for reliable bathroom remodeling services near you. An experienced contractor can help you freshen up your space and implement the boldest ideas with no sweat.

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