Make Your Kitchen as Modern as Possible with These Features

Say goodbye to cozy fabrics, ornaments, and country-style design, and say hello to sleek and clean lines, integrated appliances, and minimalist color scheme and design. The modern kitchen should be chic and elegant. Modernizing your kitchen has never been more affordable and easier to accomplish. Just bear in mind these main features that will make your kitchen looking like those you see in the magazine.

Geometrical patterns


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Forget the abstract patterns, and floral tiles, because these are nowhere to be found in modern kitchen design. Instead, there are angles, circles, squares, curves, etc. Exhibit these features on your lighting fixtures, counters, wall décor, cabinet doors, and flooring. It’s up to you how far to go with it. You can keep it low-key with a minimalist triangle backsplash or be extra bold and keep the geometry as the main aspect in your modern kitchen.

Horizontal lines


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Horizontal lines tend to visually expand things, and this will help create a more spacious feel to your kitchen. Applying horizontal lines to your workspace, flooring, and backsplash is also highly recommended to get that modern style look in your kitchen. Try it and see for yourself.

Industrial look


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Make stainless steel your BFF in your modern-style kitchen. Stainless steel stoves, faucets, lighting fixtures, cooktops, vent hoods, hardware, you name it. Stainless steel appliances are widely available and easy to clean. This look has become highly popular, and you’ll get the look you’re aspiring to.

Sleek look


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Fussy is out, and sleek is in. Stay away from knobs and move to simple handles on your cabinet doors. Opt for stainless steel hardware with clean lines instead of bar-shaped. That minimalist look should be reflected in every detail of your kitchen. Everything should look sleek, clean, and fuss-free.



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Look for all-white, wood cabinets with drawer fronts that will give you enough storage space. Clutter isn’t allowed in the modern kitchen. You’ll stay true to your sleek, minimalist look yet have excellent functionality. Cabinetry is usually taken to the ceiling to avoid dust traps and unsightly gaps.

Seating area


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Since we’re saying goodbye to many things that are not welcomed in our modern style kitchen, we’re also saying goodbye to the big old-fashioned kitchen tables that take up all our space. Now, meet the multi-functional islands. This a new ideal place for preparing meals, eating, doing homework, and many other things. This way you’ll keep your sleek, minimalist look but still have your seating area.



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This feature will make a world of difference to your kitchen aesthetic and function. Instead of having just one central overhead light, opt for layered lighting. Having some over your seating area or over your sink area instead of just that one central light will provide you all your lighting needs, and make your modern kitchen look bang on.



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Modern kitchen design is all about bold and stark colors. Forget the pastel, candy colors in this type of kitchen. We’re not saying you should splash red all over your wall. Not at all. But, making your kitchen all-white will complement that sleek, minimalist look you’re going for that never goes out of style. And for making it bolder, add some dramatic blue, green or purple. You’ll have people awestruck by your new kitchen design.



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It’s necessary to choose a modern, functional design for accessories because these are suitable for a sleek, minimalist kitchen style. They will add a simplistic and stylish touch to the kitchen and won’t sacrifice imagination for sophistication.



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