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Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinet Review: Are They Any Good?



Where should I purchase my cabinets? This is the question that every  homeowner asks themselves when doing a kitchen remodel. You might  consider a big-box retailer such as Lowes as a potential supplier – but what  about their products’ quality, design, and customer service? Customer reviews  can tell you everything that you need to know about Lowes kitchen cabinets.  After all, the customer is always right (at least most of the time). So here’s what  customers are saying about Lowe’s kitchen cabinets.  


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Lowe’s RTA Stock Kitchen Cabinets 

So, what exactly is Lowe’s? Lowe’s is a home improvement store that offers an  expansive collection of household furnishings and equipment. Lowe’s has an  A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that indicates  trustworthiness and high performance. This grade contrasts with their low  customer review rating of 1.15/5 –the reasons for this conflict will be explored  in the course of the review.  

Lowe’s diverse kitchen cabinet range spans from stock, custom, and semi custom with preassembled and ready-to-assemble (RTA) options. Lowe’s RTA  stock kitchen cabinet range will, however, be subject to this review. The two  kitchen cabinet brands at Lowe’s that fall under this category are Cambridge  RTA cabinets and Valley Cabinetry.  


Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinet’s Review  

Prices: Cambridge cabinets cost $16.21 for a door to $783.12 for a base cabinet  with three drawers; whereas Valleywood Cabinetry costs $59.99 for a door wall  stock cabinet and $1099.99 for a door and drawer pantry stock cabinet. 

Warranty: Valleywood Cabinetry comes with a 5-year limited warranty and  Cambridge stock cabinets have a 90-day limited warranty.  

Construction: Cambridge RTA in-stock cabinets are ready-to-assemble  cabinets that are constructed from relatively inexpensive materials. The cabinet box is made from particleboard with MDF door and drawer fronts. Particleboard  is commonly used in low-cost furniture due to its affordability. Its drawbacks,  however, include fragility, short life, heat and humidity distortion, and struggles  to hold screws. Customer reviews praise the quality of the Cambridge RTA 

cabinets, especially in relation to their price. The soft-close drawers are further  identified as a welcomed feature.  

Valleywood Cabinetry is conversely constructed from higher quality materials,  such as plywood for the cabinet box and solid wood doors and drawer fronts.  Reviewers are mostly impressed by the dovetail drawer construction and how  well-made the cabinets and hardware are.  

Appearance/Texture: Customer reviews express that both Cambridge and  Valleywood Cabinetry kitchen cabinets look ultra-modern and sleek. There are,  however, customer complaints about the flimsiness of Cambridge RTA  cabinets, which makes them likely to dent easily.  

Assembly Instructions: Cambridge RTA cabinets have an installation and  operating guide that is free to download on Lowe’s website. Valleywood  Cabinetry conversely comes with assembly diagrams instead of written  instructions. Reviewers express irritability at this as many found the pictures  difficult to follow.  

Self-assembly: While the lack of written instructions by Valleywood Cabinetry  was problematic for some customers, others found the assembly process to be  uncomplicated and trouble-free. For Cambridge, the detailed installation manual  was a great help to customers and the tool-free assembly feature made the  installation process even easier.  

Delivery: The quick turnaround time is what customers identify as being a  major selling point for Lowe’s kitchen cabinet reviewers (some customers  report their cabinets being delivered within 10 days!), with free delivery and  free store pickup sealing the deal. The delivery itself was problematic for most  customers, with damaged products being by far their biggest complaint. Trying  to reschedule a delivery also proved to be a great hassle for some reviewers.  

Customer service: Sadly, the majority of bad reviews for Lowe’s kitchen  cabinets have to do with poor customer service. Reviewers claim that there is  improper communication from Lowe’s about orders, follow-ups, and refunds,  which sullies the customer experience.  





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