Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives


Lowe’s offers three main brands of ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets: Valleywood Cabinetry, Cambridge, and Design House. There is also one item, a sideboard buffet, currently available at Lowe’s from Goplus, a brand that is also available at Sears. While there is a large selection at Lowe’s, many homeowners have turned away from this big box store because they appreciate the customer service they can get from cabinet specialists who have been in the business of kitchen cabinetry for decades.



At the time of writing this blog post (January 2022), the broadest range of RTA cabinets available at Lowe’s is manufactured by Cambridge, which has a significantly higher price point than the other brands offered at Lowe’s and can be even more than twice the cost of kitchen cabinets made by a family-owned specialist like Nelson Cabinetry. See for yourself with the comparison below for a breakdown of the price differences, which is based on the current prices and specs for one of the most standard base cabinet sizes.


Comparison of Lowe’s Brands with Nelson Cabinetry

RTA base cabinet, white

Dimensions: 24″ W x 34.5″ H x 24″ D

 Nelson CabinetryValeywoodDesign HouseCambridge
 $288.96     $299.99 $466.95 $577.48
 Soft close hinges               
 Box construction PlywoodPlywoodPlywoodParticleboard
 Warranty Lifetime5 years1 year90 days


It’s important to note that these prices and details were all collected on January 4, 2022, and will likely change over time, though it can be expected that the major trends will remain consistent for at least a year or two to come.



The price comparison is very clear, but it’s also a good idea to get a little more in-depth about some of the other factors at play in the overall product comparison.

What’s a lifetime warranty?


Nelson Cabinetry, in addition to offering the lowest cost for the product, also distinguishes itself by offering an unmatched warranty. While it guarantees its products for a lifetime, the Valleywood cabinet only has a 5-year limited warranty. That is clearly already less than the lifetime warranty offered by Nelson, though certainly better than the very short-term warranties from Design House and Cambridge. The lifetime warranty is designed with the intention that this will be the last kitchen you’ll ever have to buy, and covers any defects in materials or workmanship as well as breakage under normal use. Cabinets are an investment, and a warranty that lasts a lifetime, rather than just a few months or years, shows you that the cabinets are designed to last.

What about more specialized dimensions?


Before going into the range of products that are available, let’s take a look at another price comparison, this time with a more specialized cabinet type: a lazy susan base cabinet. Again, Valleywood does pretty well in comparison to the other brands available at Lowe’s, though it still trails behind Nelson.


Comparison of Lowe’s Brands with Nelson Cabinetry

RTA base cabinet, white

Dimensions: 36″ W x 34.5″ H x 24″ D


Nelson CabinetryValleywoodDesign HouseCambridge
 $420.73        $459.99    $683.49 $541.19   



The more and more specialized you get in your search for cabinets, the higher Valleywood’s prices go up. If you are looking for an oven cabinet, for example, the difference in price is no longer just a matter of a few dollars, but enough money to practically buy another base cabinet!


Comparison of Lowe’s Brands with Nelson Cabinetry

RTA oven cabinet, white

Dimensions: 33″ W x 84″ H x 24″ D

 Nelson CabinetryValleywoodDesign HouseCambridge
 $877.20 $1056.99 Not available Not available




As evidenced by the price comparison above, another possibility you may run into is a lack of availability. The oven cabinet was not available from Design House or Cambridge in the same dimensions. Overall, this means it’s essential to do a little research ahead of time and not get stuck overpaying for a more specialized part. The author’s attempts to find a microwave cabinet on the Lowe’s website were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, Lowe’s website can be confusing and cumbersome, whereas Nelson’s website is a breeze to navigate. And if you ever have any questions, you can always pick up the phone and call them at 832 998-6598, or write to them at info@nelsonkb.com. They’ll be happy to help you make your kitchen design dreams come true.

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