Let There Be Light: 10 Ways to Make Your Brown Kitchen Brighter



If you don’t want to switch your beautiful brown cabinets, but are looking for a less cave-like kitchen, we have a few tips for you. There’s no need for you to make your kitchen all-white and minimalist, but rather opt for these few easy ways to brighten up your room.


Mirror, mirror on the wall


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The easiest, cheapest, and the oldest trick of them all. Hang a mirror in your kitchen! It’ll create the illusion of more light and bigger space. Don’t let one more day pass by without putting up a mirror in your brown kitchen.


Clamp lamp should be your BFF


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You can go as cheap or expensive with clamp lamps as your budget allows but embrace it. You can clamp them anywhere you want, or simply screw them into the kitchen wall.


Change your regular bulbs with brighter ones


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You should check the wattage on your lightbulbs and see if they’re below 60 watts. If they are, then you should switch to 80 to 100 watts to brighten up your brown kitchen. Try yourself and see what a bright idea it is.


Say goodbye to recessed lights


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Bring your light closer than the ceiling. To do this, turn your recessed lights into pendant ones. Here’s an example (picture above) of turning a recessed lighting bulb mechanism with a hanging cord into pendant lighting.


Last lighting option: Under-the-cabinet lighting



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This is the best solution for your brown kitchen to appear lighter. You can choose from LED lights, puck lights, or fluorescent light bars to do this.


Channel your inner Bob Ross with some color


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Colorful vases, stools, curtains, backsplash, or pieces of art will be your solution in this case. Unleash your imagination and make a happy space out of your dark brown kitchen.


Create one focal point


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The island, backsplash, sink, flooring, you name it. Give your eye something fun to look at rather than your brown cabinetry.


A lot of stainless steel


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Now that you’ve fixed your lighting, some stainless steel appliances or even countertop, will allow yout to make the most of the light and make the room brighter.


Backsplash, again


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Though the backsplash has already come up, it deserves to be mentioned one more last time. Make your current backsplash lighter (if possible). It’ll create visual contrast that will downplay your brown cabinetry.

Last option: Paint your brown cabinets white


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Many people who decide to update their cabinets, simply paint them white. If you’re asking yourself why, it’s a way to bring some light into your kitchen. Literally.



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