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Kitchens With Maple Cabinets: Are They Out of Style in 2024?

Are you a homeowner considering a kitchen remodeling project? Perhaps you’re already looking at different materials and hardware to spruce up your space. As many of us know, trends come and go in the interior design world, so it is important to think ahead when making decisions about something as timeless as cabinets.


Kitchens with maple cabinets


Kitchens with maple cabinets have been around for years and could be a great option for adding an updated look to your home – but are they still going to be popular in 2024? In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of maple cabinets, consider their current popularity among homeowners, and make predictions about what style may become more prevalent over time.

Maple Cabinets as a Lifestyle Choice

In the ever-changing realm of interior design, the choices we make for our homes often reflect our personal style and preferences. Maple cabinets, once a popular choice due to their warm and timeless appeal, are now facing scrutiny amidst shifting design trends. As homeowners strive to create spaces that align with their way of life, the question arises: Are maple cabinets still a relevant lifestyle choice in 2024?


The days of maple cabinets dominating kitchen aesthetics, exuding a sense of tradition and comfort, are long gone. Today’s homeowners are drawn to sleek, minimalist designs that prioritize functionality, embody contemporary sensibilities, and embrace innovative materials. The resurgence of metallic accents, bold color contrasts, and unconventional textures has relegated maple cabinets to the outskirts of kitchen design.


Custom designed wooden kitchen with gorgeous granite counter to


It is important, however, not to overlook the fact that design choices go beyond trends and tap into personal connections. For some, the allure of maple cabinets lies in their history—a nod to a time when kitchens served as the heart of the home, filled with the fragrance of shared meals and cherished conversations. These cabinets have a unique ability to ground a space, offering a nostalgic reminder of a simpler era.


Nevertheless, as modern life becomes increasingly fast-paced, homeowners are seeking to streamline their surroundings. Maple cabinets, with their intricate wood grains and warm tones, may be perceived as both accumulating dust—both literally and metaphorically—requiring more maintenance and offering less adaptability to the evolving needs of a contemporary lifestyle.


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The Decline of Kitchens With Maple Cabinets

Over the years, maple cabinets have held a steadfast position in kitchens, exuding traditional elegance and infusing spaces with cozy ambiance. Homeowners seeking a classic look have favored them. However, design preferences have shifted towards sleeker, more minimalist styles. The modern homeowner now gravitates towards clean lines, open spaces, and a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, qualities that maple cabinets, with their intricate grains and ornate detailing, often struggle to provide.



As we embrace technology and innovation, interior design follows suit. Homeowners now seek ways to maximize efficiency and create environments that align with their fast-paced lifestyles. Maple cabinets, with their relatively higher maintenance demands and tendency to darken over time, are yielding ground to materials that offer durability, low upkeep, and a contemporary edge.


Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Glass Door Cabinets
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Glass Door Cabinets


This decline isn’t just about changing tastes; it also mirrors the evolving role of the kitchen in modern life. Kitchens are no longer just spaces for cooking; they have become hubs of social interaction, work, and family bonding. However, maple cabinets often fall short in accommodating the multifunctional needs demanded by this new reality in households today.

Alternatives to Maple Cabinets

As the popularity of maple cabinets decreases in kitchen design, homeowners and interior enthusiasts are shifting their focus to a new array of options that better suit modern aesthetics and functional requirements.

White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker cabinets have captivated homeowners seeking a timeless yet versatile appearance. Their simplicity, combined with the subtle texture of the shaker style, brings sophistication to any kitchen.

Handleless Cabinets

Handleless cabinets showcase modern minimalism. Their seamless surfaces contribute to a clean and uncluttered kitchen environment, perfect for contemporary design preferences.

Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets in bold and unexpected colors are gaining popularity for their ability to inject personality and vibrancy into kitchen spaces. From deep blues to vibrant yellows, painted cabinets offer endless opportunities for creative expression.

Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets offer an eco-conscious alternative that combines sustainability with style. With their light grain patterns and warm tones, they provide a similar feel to maple while boasting environmentally friendly qualities.

Flat-panel Cabinets

Flat-panel cabinets embrace minimalism and simplicity, featuring clean lines and a lack of ornate detailing. They offer a canvas for other design elements to shine while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets bring transparency and lightness to kitchens. They elegantly display curated dishware and add a touch of modern elegance to the space.


Final Thoughts

By 2024, kitchens with maple cabinets may no longer be in style. However, what really matters is that your home reflects your personality and preferences, not the trends of the moment. Whether you choose to stay with maple or switch things up for a new look like painted cabinets or a two-tone kitchen, you don’t have to worry about your style going out of date anytime soon. Do what makes you happy and let it shine in your kitchen. Ultimately, any style will be timeless if it’s been done with care and attention to detail. Don’t forget: it’s not trends you should follow — it’s your heart!

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