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Top 15 Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2023

Keeping up with the latest kitchen trends can be a challenge, especially in the fast-paced world we live in today. From stainless steel appliances to colorful cabinets or open shelves, it’s amazing how different these kitchens can look from year to year. What may have been an “in” style last year may suddenly seem outdated and replaced by something equally fascinating and yet entirely different.


Most popular kitchen styles in 2023
Most popular kitchen styles in 2023


To help get ahead of any future regrets and ensure that your kitchen design is timelessly stylish, here we will go over some kitchen trends to avoid in 2023! We’ll discuss materials, features and color palettes that should be left behind as we progress into a new year. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and let’s explore which factors should remain firmly in the past!

Blue Shaker Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets
Blue shaker kitchen cabinets


Shaker cabinets are a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. However, the blue shaker trend is something that we think should be avoided. The problem with blue shaker cabinets is that they can date your kitchen very quickly. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, blue shaker cabinets could make it harder to sell.


So, if you’re looking for a kitchen style that will stand the test of time, we suggest avoiding blue shaker cabinets. Opt for a classic white shaker style instead – your kitchen will thank you for it!

Oversized Kitchen Islands


White Shaker Cabinetry Island
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Island 72-84″ Kitchen Microwave Drawer Base Cabinet


Oversized kitchen islands are definitely becoming increasingly popular, but they’re not always the best idea. Kitchens with an oversized island can appear bulky and overcrowded, particularly if there isn’t enough surrounding space – which can also be a safety hazard for anyone who needs to navigate near it.


Instead, opt for functionality in manageable sizes when selecting an island for your new space. With smaller, yet functional islands, you’ll have plenty of practical storage options, such as cabinets or drawers.


Kitchen island call to action


Wallpaper Borders


Wallpaper borders are a thing of the past! Once popular in kitchen design, they can quickly create a dated look. If you have wallpaper borders installed, you may want to opt for something more modern and chic. Luckily, there are endless trendy options available that won’t take you back in time! Consider painting an accent wall with fun colors or adding new tile backsplash. There’s no need to settle for wallpaper borders when there are so many other fresh ideas out there!

Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tiles


Glass mosaic backsplash tiles have been all the rage in kitchen design lately, but they may quickly become outdated as a trend. The glossy look of these tiles can make your kitchen feel both elegant and modern, but they require a lot of upkeep to keep them looking pristine. Glass is one of the most difficult materials to clean and with glass mosaic tiles, you are met with the daunting task of scrubbing grout in between each tile.


Furthermore, glass is incredibly fragile and prone to cracking and breaking if not handled carefully; this turns what should be an easy cleaning job into a repair project. If you’re looking for a more practical way to spruce up your kitchen, there are much better options out there that don’t require almost weekly maintenance.


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Dark Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets
Black kitchen cabinets


Dark kitchen cabinets can be a beautiful design element, but they are not always the best choice. Although dark cabinet color can create an elegant and sophisticated environment, it can also make smaller kitchens look cramped and closed off.

Additionally, dark choice need to be paired with careful consideration of your countertops, backsplashes, and other design elements in order to create balance and give the room some light. Dark cabinets can be attractive in many settings, however they require extra thought and care that should be taken into account before committing to this option for your kitchen.

Faux-Wood Tile


If you’re looking to update your kitchen but don’t want to take part in some of the more overused trends, then faux-wood tile should be avoided at all costs. Sure, it looks great in certain styles like a beachy or rustic vibe, but it’s so overdone that it might look too cliché for modern kitchens. Plus, its often slippery which can make it unsafe on floors and countertops. There are much better ways to evoke those feelings using real wood materials that have an aged and natural patina.

Appliances Over The Range


Appliances that are over the range should be avoided when it comes to kitchen trends. These appliances take up of valuable space, leaving very little room for cabinets and drawers. They are also hard to reach, making them inconvenient and limiting their amounts of uses. Instead of choosing an appliance over the range, consider a model on the counter or under cabinet that looks sleek and fits with the rest of your kitchen style. Not only will this give you more room for storage, but it can increase efficiency as well!

Unused Corners

Lazy Susan vs Blind Corner Cabinet Infographic
Lazy Susan vs Blind Corner Cabinet Infographic


It can be a really common trap in the kitchen where, often for aesthetic purposes or because it’s ‘the way it’s been done for years’, plenty of valuable real estate ends up going to waste. Instead of ignoring the corners of your kitchen, use them effectively and consider installing a lazy susan or corner base cabinet specifically designed to make the best use of this awkward space. You’ll find that investing a little time here not only makes your kitchen stunningly beautiful but incredibly efficient and streamlined too – a true win-win situation.



Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs


Ultra-modern kitchen designs are growing in popularity, but you should be aware that this look can sometimes look cold and sterile. People have different tastes, so if you prefer a more traditional look with vintage details, the ultra-modern look may not be for you. If you still want to create a modern look, look for elements that soften the overall look such as natural wood countertops and warmer colours. This will help your kitchen look chic and inviting while avoiding an ultra-modern style that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Granite Countertops

White Shaker Style Cabinets


Granite countertops look incredibly sophisticated at first glance, but they often come across as cold and uninviting. Not only that, but with time and exposure to water, granite can also be prone to staining—which is the last thing you want in a busy kitchen! If you’re looking for something bold and modern without the drawbacks of granite, why not consider lookalikes like quartz or acrylic instead?

Kitchen Desks


Kitchen desks can look charming when they’re incorporated in pictures online, but practicality is often sacrificed for aesthetic in these trends. Although kitchen desks come with certain advantages, such as helping to keep important documents, recipes or notes close at hand and encouraging an organized, clutter-free approach to cooking, the piece of furniture itself should always be intentional and have a purpose. Investing in a kitchen desk only to stash away takeaway menus and grocery delivery receipts won’t help declutter your counters or promote efficiency.


That being said, there are plenty of spacesaving alternative options for reserving counter space (especially if you’re limited on room), such as wall shelves or a repurposed hutch which can store items both stylishly and conveniently.

Ornate Decorations


Ornate decorations are one design trend that should be avoided if you want to keep your home feeling modern and stylish. Whether it’s detailed carving on cabinetry or intricate hanging chandeliers, ornate decorations make it look like you’ve gone back in time with an outdated kitchen. A sleek, minimalist approach to kitchen decor is a much better way to create a timeless look that won’t need many updates as time passes.

Painted Walls


Stepping in to a kitchen should be refreshing, not overwhelming. Boldly painted walls can create an overbearing atmosphere and hurt your kitchen’s potential for greatness. Sure, your accent wall might seem like a great way to bring some color into the room but unless you want to feel like you’re eating in a kaleidoscope, opt for subtle and stylish hues instead.


Forego heavy patterns or loud prints and go for something that’s calming and subtle on the eyes – fresh coats of ivory, grey or muted pastel shades will add sophistication without sacrificing your unique styling ideas. Don’t let yourself be caught up in a fad – give yourself breathing room by deciding against painted walls!



One particular element to watch out for is soffits; this often refers to cabinet space tucked away between the wall and ceiling that can make a room appear cluttered and overcrowded. Keeping your kitchen simpler with cabinets running from floor to ceiling creates an open, modern feel, which many homeowners are opting for today. If you do choose to include soffits in your kitchen design, ensure that they are tastefully arranged and add strategic, extra storage space.

Rustic Cabinets


Rustic cabinetry can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but homeowners should be careful not to overdo it. Too much rustic design can make a kitchen look overly quaint and crowded. It’s important to find the right balance between traditional and contemporary styles in order to get the most out of your kitchen.


Updates such as modern hardware and accessories can help ensure your kitchen doesn’t become outdated quickly – adding contrasting elements offers visual interest without overcrowding your space. Rustic cabinets are also known for being pricey, so if you’re looking for a more affordable option that offers the same charm, consider distressed cabinetry or painted cabinetry instead.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to our dream kitchens, we all want our personalized spaces that showcase our own unique style and taste. However, there are certain kitchen trends that can quickly become outdated or no longer functional. With our free 3D design tool, you can easily stay up to date with the most current trends and map out a plan for your kitchen – while also avoiding any pitfalls of incorrect kitchen design choices. It pays to take a step back, assess our options thoroughly, and ensure our kitchens are always beautiful and practical.

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