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    5 Reasons Why You Should Use Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home Office




    Kitchen cabinets are great for your home office since they provide storage. What’s more, you can install them yourself and they are often budget-friendly. With so many design style options, a home office can be your next DIY project.



    Kitchen cabinets have many different functional uses outside of the kitchen. How about kitchen cabinets in an amazing home office? If you’re concerned about planning or storage, we can show you how to combine elements that meet your needs. And the best thing is, you can do it yourself and save some cash. Here are five ways this can work for you.



    Your Needs for a Home Office


    home office
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    • With the rise of remote working, even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, a home office has never been more essential when planning or remodeling your home. 


    • A home office should be a place of serenity and high productivity, sometimes even both, depending on how you’re using it.


    • The work-at-home office is necessary for many homeowners. Using cabinets as furniture will help you create an office space that works beautifully with the rest of your house. 




    Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Office Storage


    home office
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    • Like other spaces in your home, your home office storage will only grow as you use it throughout your daily routine.


    • You don’t need to have a formal office desk to have an office file drawer. Add a three drawer base cabinet to keep track of your papers and reports and all your essentials while avoiding clutter.





    DYI Possibilities


    home office
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    • Many DIYers are doing a great job with their home workstations by using kitchen cabinets to create their office.


    • Massive desks and libraries are old school. Create a bookshelf by simply removing the cabinet doors from one of these white Shaker wall cabinets.


    • With the right planning and design, kitchen cabinets can bring luxury to your office space. And the best thing is you can set up everything by yourself. 




    Functionality and Design


    home office
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    • Pick a spot in your home that provides enough space for your office. The best would be to avoid a location where you would feel cramped. But if you live in a tiny house, the kitchen office is a smart space-saver that do not require a significant makeover. 


    • The best kitchen office spaces are ones that work with the existing theme and style of your home. Working with the design ensures consistency and a small office will feel larger than it actually is.


    • If you have a separate room for your office, make it your own by showcasing your items such as art and collectibles. If you’re planning to have open shelves, add lighting to bring that wow factor and you will feel even more motivated to work in such an inviting and pleasant environment.





    home office
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    • Doing a remodel without giving sufficient thought to the cabinetry could leave you short on space. Make sure you put your needs on paper first and calculate your spending. 


    • Kitchen cabinets are ten times more affordable than having a custom-made, extensive office installed.


    • You can get all your cabinets from the same company and get an amazing deal! Contact Nelson Cabinetry today and ask for any current special offers.




    Working from the Comfort of Your Home



    home office
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    It’s no wonder that kitchen cabinets have migrated to other parts of the home. If you choose a beautiful DIY Shaker office, you’ll surely feel inspired every time you walk into it. The right design will reflect your constructive side and influence your ability to get more done. And you’ll feel great about finding a deal while still getting all your needs met.


    If you have experience with kitchen cabinetry use in other places than your kitchen, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.





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