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Is Open Kitchen Better Than Closed?

Choosing between an open and closed kitchen can be challenging, especially with the increasing use of open kitchens in modern homes. Open kitchens, which connect to the living room or dining room, offer many advantages, but they also have their disadvantages. On the other hand, closed kitchens, which are separated by walls, present a different set of benefits and problems. I


n this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the pros and cons of both options to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, this analysis will help you choose the best option for you.

What is an Open Kitchen?

An open kitchen is a design concept in which the kitchen space is not separated by walls from other living spaces such as the living room or dining room. In this arrangement, the kitchen, dining room and living room often share the same space, without solid barriers to divide them. This concept has become popular for its ability to create a feeling of spaciousness and connectedness within the home.


Open concept kitchen and living room
Open concept kitchen and living room

In an open kitchen, elements such as kitchen islands, counters or peninsulas often serve as visual dividers between different functional areas. These elements enable interaction between the people cooking and those in other parts of the space, making the whole space more social and accessible.


In addition, open kitchens usually have better natural lighting because the flow of light is not limited by walls. This type of design can also facilitate movement and organization within the space, as everything you need can be within reach without having to go through doors or hallways.


Source: Forbes

However, an open kitchen requires careful planning to ensure the space is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This includes considering the layout of cupboards, appliances and work surfaces to ensure that everything is accessible and practical to use. Also, since the kitchen is visible from other parts of the home, it is necessary to maintain high standards of neatness and cleanliness.

Advantages of an Open Kitchen

  • It’s easy to communicate with family and guests while cooking
  • The open space creates a sense of spaciousness and connection
  • Light from other parts of the home freely enters the kitchen
  • The kitchen becomes brighter and more pleasant to work in
  • Increases the aesthetic value of the home
  • Without walls, access to different parts of the kitchen is easier
  • More space to move around increases efficiency during cooking

Disadvantages of an Open Kitchen

  • The kitchen is visible from other parts of the home
  • Guests can see the state of the kitchen and everything you do
  • Kitchen appliances can be loud
  • Cooking smells easily spread throughout the home
  • Without walls and doors, it is difficult to control access to the kitchen

What is a Closed Kitchen?

A closed kitchen is a design concept where the kitchen area is separated by walls or doors from other rooms in the home, such as the living room or dining room. This traditional design provides clearly defined spaces for cooking, eating and socializing.


Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Vertical Photo

In a closed kitchen, walls and doors act as physical barriers that drain the rooms and create privacy. Kitchen appliances, cabinets and work surfaces are usually arranged within this enclosed unit, allowing for efficient organization and storage of kitchen essentials. It also means that the noise and smells that arise during cooking stay inside the kitchen and do not spread throughout the home.


Closed kitchens are often preferred in homes where greater control over the appearance and cleanliness of the space is required. The walls provide additional surfaces for cabinets and shelves, which can be useful for storing food and dishes. Also, this design makes it easier to maintain order and cleanliness because everything needed for cooking can be hidden behind the door.



However, closed kitchens can also have some disadvantages. For example, they can create a sense of isolation for those who cook because they are separated from other household members or guests. Also, the lack of natural lighting can be a problem in some closed kitchens, since light cannot enter freely from other parts of the home.

Advantages of a Closed Kitchen

  • The kitchen is separated from other rooms
  • No need to worry about guests seeing the mess or preparations
  • Noise from kitchen appliances remains inside the kitchen
  • Cooking smells do not spread throughout the home
  • Children have limited access to the kitchen

Disadvantages of a Closed Kitchen

  • The cook is separated from the rest of the household or guests
  • Fewer opportunities to socialize during food preparation
  • Closed kitchens can seem smaller and claustrophobic
  • It may not suit those who prefer a more modern design


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Is Open Kitchen Better Than Closed?

Open kitchens offer modern design and better social interaction, while closed kitchens provide privacy and control over smells and noise. Your choice depends on cooking habits, lifestyle, space layout, and aesthetic preferences. Both options have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Lifestyle and Cooking Habits

Your cooking habits and lifestyle can significantly influence the choice between an open and closed kitchen. If you often cook and like to be in contact with family or guests while preparing meals, an open kitchen may be a better choice. It enables interaction and socializing, even while cooking. On the other hand, if you prefer peace and concentration while cooking, a closed kitchen can provide the necessary privacy and isolation.

Space Layout and Avilability

The overall layout of your home and available space also play a key role in this decision. Open kitchens are ideal for larger spaces and homes with an open plan concept, where the kitchen can be connected to the living room or dining room. In smaller apartments or houses, where space may be limited, a closed kitchen can help make the most of the available space and keep it organized.

Aesthetic Preferences

Personal aesthetic preferences are also an important factor when deciding between an open and closed kitchen. Open kitchens often offer a modern and elegant look that can enhance the overall visual impression of your home. In contrast, closed kitchens provide a more traditional and classic look. If aesthetics are important to you, consider which option better suits your style and home decor.

Resale Value

The potential impact on the home’s resale value should also be considered. Open kitchens are popular in the real estate market right now and can increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. However, some customers still prefer closed kitchens for privacy and convenience. Understanding current market trends and preferences can help you make an informed decision that will positively impact your home’s value.


Final Thoughts

Choosing between an open and closed kitchen ultimately depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Open kitchens are great for those who enjoy a modern look and love to interact with family and guests while cooking. They create a sense of spaciousness and allow natural light to flow throughout the home. However, they can also make it harder to contain cooking smells and noise.


On the other hand, closed kitchens offer privacy and better control over the kitchen environment. They keep cooking messes out of sight and help contain smells and noises. This traditional design may appeal to those who prefer a more organized and secluded cooking space. However, it can make the kitchen feel isolated from the rest of the home and reduce interaction during meal preparation.



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