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Is an Open Concept Kitchen a Good Idea?


To open-concept or not to open concept – that is the question. It’s hard to ignore  the extensive impact of the open kitchen design. Whether you’re scrolling  through the pages of an interior design blog or visiting friends for a dinner  party; you’re bound to notice and might even be impressed by the singular  living area that an open floor plan creates. If you’re working with a small space  for your kitchen remodel, the idea of breaking down walls and creating the  feeling of a larger room does indeed seem attractive. But is it the right design  for your home? Here is a detailed evaluation of the open kitchen layout to help  you determine if it meets all of your remodeling criteria (or not).  


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What is an Open Concept Kitchen? 

An open concept kitchen is a kitchen that lacks a dividing wall between itself  and its adjacent living spaces. The open floorplan merges the kitchen with other  communal areas such as the family room, living room, and/or dining room. It is,  therefore, more difficult to discern between separate living areas in an open plan layout. The open concept design is highly sought after in modern kitchens  where there is limited space. Open kitchen designs are also favored in new developments and renovation projects where utilizing space effectively is a priority.  


Advantages of an Open Kitchen 

At the end of the day, the open plan kitchen layout is so popular because it has proven to be beneficial to homeowners in the following ways: 


Space-efficient: The open plan floorplan is the best way for homeowners to get the most out of small living areas as it maximizes available space.  For example, the extra space created by the open-plan layout can be used to install a kitchen island that can be utilized as a work surface and dining  area.  


Enhances natural light and ventilation: An open concept kitchen creates an airy and roomy integrated living area by removing the interior walls that restrict the circulation of air and natural light into adjoining rooms. 


A singular design: Styling a house with a consistent theme can be a difficult undertaking when the living areas are separate. An open kitchen design eliminates the issue of coordination as style choices are carried throughout the conjoined living area. For instance, hardwood floors can be extended throughout the integrated kitchen and living room for a uniform look.  


Family and friends can get together: Imagine being able to cook and socialize with the members of the household or guests at the same time?  This is the communal lifestyle that the open kitchen concept encourages by merging multiple living areas. With the kitchen at the center, the open  floor plan brings everyone together.  


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Disadvantages of an Open Kitchen 

The many merits of an open kitchen design cannot be denied, but so can’t its  shortcomings: 


Magnified styling decisions: It is important to remember that your kitchen appliances, décor, and hardware have to correspond with the styling in the conjoined rooms. Quirky kitchen styling choices such as a bright pink fridge might seem like a fun idea, but does it really match with the green velvet couch in the adjoined family room? Nope? I thought not.  


Reduced storage: While your kitchen work surfaces may increase with an open concept design, I can’t say the same for your storage space. Open  concept kitchens typically have fewer cabinets than their closed-concept equivalent. Sufficient storage can, therefore, be a problem if you have  accumulated quite a large amount of kitchenware.  


Cleanliness is a must: A lot can be hidden behind a wall or a door – a  whole lot of mess in particular. With an open concept kitchen, however,  there is no place to hide a pile of dirty dishes, which gives the appearance of an overall untidy living area. So, if you have more of a relaxed  approach to housework, you should probably steer clear of an open-plan kitchen layout. 


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