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How Crown Molding Became A Versatile Trend + Installation Guide


As a woman knows that having a classic black dress will always be a thing, it is the same with crown molding. It is believed that crown moldings are one of the architectural classics, especially in your kitchen which can really add value to your home. Crown moldings have the power to make your home feel more upscale. They give that wow effect to guests upon entering. But, what is it about it that makes them so versatile?


The History Behind It

The interesting history behind this versatile trend is that it originates from ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians had two favorite styles; the “cavetto” and the “torus”. Cavetto molding was more of a grand cornice used on the outside of the building. Torus molding was used to decorate columns. Their molding was carved from stone, which was some really hard work!

One more interesting thing is that the crown molding designated wealth and prosperity. The larger and more ornate the design, the wealthier the owners most likely were.

Today’s Truth

Today, as we said, crown molding adds to a home’s value. Over the past few years, homeowners and designers have been demanding big, beautifully carved crown molding.

Today, the trend is changing. The more popular trend is for subtle crown molding.

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Crown Your Kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets don’t have crown molding, don’t give this upgrade a second thought. It will instantly elevate the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen has taller ceilings, consider adding more detailed crown molding. If your kitchen has lower ceilings, choose a sleeker look.

Be careful so that the room doesn’t feel small or dominated by adding this feature. If you have white or grey shaker cabinets, Nelson’s crown molding for cabinets is available in a width of 96″ and is a breeze to install.




Now that you know the history behind crown moldings and how versatile they are, it’s tike to do this easy DIY job. Follow these simple steps below.


Since crown molding is not nailed directly to the wall cabinets, make your task easier by adding the wooden nailing strips at the top of the wall cabinets. They won’t be exposed because the crown molding will cover them.


→ The first step of this process is to measure the width and depth of the wall cabinets. Both measurements are important because the crown molding will wrap around the cabinets. Let’s say you have a standard 36” wide wall cabinet that’s 12” deep. In this case, your total would be 60”. Also, measure the thickness of the crown molding’s lower edge with the tape measure. For many crown molding profiles, this thickness is about 1/8”.


→ The next step is to cut the nailing strips to the cabinet size and subtract the thickness of the crown molding’s lower edge. If the crown molding’s lower edge thickness is 1/8”, then for a cabinet that is 36” wide, the front strip will measure 35 ¾”. For the side strips it will measure 10 ¼”.



The length of each side strip is determined by starting with the wall cabinet depth ( in this case 12”) and by subtracting:


1 1/2″ width of the front strip

1/8″ set-back

1/8″expansion gap between the kitchen wall and the end of the strip


Gray Shaker Inset Crown Molding
Gray Shaker Inset Crown Molding


→ Here it’s important that you lay the front nailing strip on the top of the cabinet. After that, center the strip so there is a space of 1/8” on each side. Repeat the same process for the two side strips. Remember to secure everything by using the nail gun to nail the strips to the top of the cabinet.

Measure and cut the crown molding

→ This step is important. You should measure and mark the front section of the crown molding. Use a miter saw for this step. Set it to a 45-degree angle cut, and place the crown molding so that it rests upside-down and at a 45-degree angle against the saw fence. Cut by one mark at a time.



While attaching the front section, make sure that it is precisely positioned. Then, with the nailing gun, drill a couple of nails through the lower edge of the crown molding and into the nailing strip. The crown molding may hang at this point, but this is only before adding the side sections.



→ On the other side, the two side sections of crown molding only need angle cuts on one side. The other side can be a 90-degree cut. Make a 45-degree cut on the left section of crown molding to complement the front crown molding’s 45-degree left side. Repeat this for the right side.



When attaching side sections, find someone to assist you. You should place the left section of crown molding against the left nailing strip. Make sure that the two sections of crown molding perfectly meet. Again, nail the side crown molding section in place.



→ The next step of this process is to match the corners. To do this, drive one screw through one board to help them stay together. It’s the same process for both sides.



Paint and Finish


→ The last step is to paint the crown molding. But, before painting, make sure to cover the cabinets so the paint won’t go on them. You should coat with at least two layers of paint. Let the paint dry for at least four hours before removing the covers from your cabinets.




If you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen fully, then request a free 3D kitchen design from Nelson Cabinetry. You’ll get to see why Shaker-style cabinets are an everlasting trend. 



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