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Insight into Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes


If you’re going to buy RTA (ready-to-assemble) or preassembled cabinets you’ll have standard dimensions you’ll have to choose from. From base and wall cabinets to tall specialty cabinets, they all have their range of standard sizes.

Base cabinet

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Base kitchen cabinets are installed directly on the floor. They’re pricier than other cabinets and for good reason. Base cabinets are remarkably useful since counters are set on top of them, sinks are installed within them, dishes are stored within them, and much more.



Height without countertop 34 ½”
Height with countertop 35” – 36”
Depth without countertop 24”
Depth with countertop  25”- 26”
Standard widths 09″ 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 33”, 36”, 45”



→ All base cabinets are 34 ½” tall. But when adding a countertop, the height of most base cabinets is between 35” and 36”, depending on the material used in the countertop. Also, adding an underlay might add another 1/2 inch to the height.



→ Base cabinets are usually 24” deep. The depth measurement is taken from the front outer front edge of the cabinet to the wall. Do you know how difficult it is to reach an item in a blind corner? Well, it’s the same difficulty with cabinet depths that are more than 24″. The overall depth with the countertop usually measures 25” to 26”. You can also find 12”, 15”, and 18” deep cabinets available for special circumstances.


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→ Widths generally range from 9-45” in 3” increments, and are chosen both to meet spatial requirements and to provide specific functions:

Filler cabinets (pull-outs) 9”, 12”, 18”
Single basin sink 30”
Double-basin sink 33”
Double-basin sink 36”
Largest base cabinet 48”

Wall cabinet

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Wall cabinets are mainly used for storing lightweight kitchen items or food. They are attached directly to the wall with screws. They are the most visible cabinetry in a kitchen and thus also serve as a showpiece.


Standard heights 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” 
Standard depths 12”, 24”
Standard widths 9” – 36”




→ Common wall cabinet heights are 30”, 36”, and 42”. The wall cabinets in standard kitchen sizes are typically between 30” and 36” tall if the space above is closed by soffits. But, if the cabinets run to the ceiling then 42” cabinets are the logical choice. For a cabinet over the refrigerator, you will use a 12”, 18”, or 24″ tall cabinet.



→ Since the depth of wall cabinets shouldn’t exceed the depth of base cabinets, the maximum depth is 24”. But, opt for standard, shallower cabinets (12”). A 24” one will go above the refrigerator.



→ Wall cabinet widths range between 9” and 36” and it’s not common to install cabinets wider than 36”.

Tall cabinet

Image Source: Nelson Cabinetry


We all have at least one tall cabinet in our kitchens. These are usually pantry or utility cabinets.



→ Tall kitchen cabinets are usually 84”, 90″, or 96” tall. For an 8-foot room, a 96” tall cabinet is a standard.



→ Tall cabinets are available at 24” deep.





→ Tall cabinets are available in 18”, 24”, and 30” widths:


Narrow pantry cabinets 18”
“Middle-of-the-road” option 24”
Pull-outs and storage on the doors of the cabinets 30”



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