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    Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Alternatives


    Ikea products have been popular among the budget-conscious for decades now, and their name has become synonymous with elegant Scandinavian design that works especially well in small spaces like dorm rooms and urban apartments. Some of the upsides of Ikea cabinets include the range of options, stylish design, and affordability. There are a few downsides to Ikea products, however, and we’ll address these below, together with some alternatives that are guaranteed to make your cabinet shopping experience as easy and fun as possible. Even if you aren’t strolling the aisles of an Ikea superstore while snacking on their signature meatballs, you can still have an enjoyable experience as you look for cabinets to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

    Smaller Businesses for Faster Delivery Times

    Many supply chains have been impacted significantly due to the pandemic crisis, and Ikea is no exception. Because of delays that have impacted the entire industry, as of January 2022 Ikea is not able to guarantee delivery times and recommends holding off on installation or contractor scheduling until the parts are guaranteed for delivery. At this time, it is advisable to work with small, family-owned businesses that have fewer factors influencing delivery times. Read more here about delivery times for Nelson Cabinetry and don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form if you’d like to get a more precise estimate for when your products will be delivered.

    Check Out Cabinet Specialists for Broader Delivery Range

    There are approximately fifty Ikea stores in the United States, with eight in California. This means that the chances are, unless you live in a major urban center, you aren’t within easy driving distance of an Ikea store. Plus, even if you do live near an Ikea, it’s likely that the store won’t have everything you can see online available in stock, meaning that it might make more sense to shop online anyway. Ikea offers competitive shipping rates but unfortunately their shipping range is somewhat limited. All too often, customers will carefully select the perfect combination of base cabinets and wall cabinets only to discover that Ikea does not deliver to their particular zip code. When shopping for cabinets online, be sure that delivery is available to your area before spending too much time looking around!

    Video Assembly Instructions Instead of Drawings

    Ikea is well-known for the Swedish names of products that are often difficult for Americans to pronounce like the ödmjuk coffee mug and the fjädermoln cushion. One way that Ikea has managed to surpass the language barrier in terms of assembly instructions is to use illustrations instead of written directions. For some people these work like a charm, while others find them difficult to follow. A recent development in the cabinet industry is video tutorials to help put together merchandise such as ready-to-assemble cabinets, providing a welcome alternative that allows you to see how everything fits together in 3D.


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    Classic Design Versus Ikea Style

    While Ikea is popular because of its attractive style, it is also easy to identify. Many college students have Ikea furniture in their dorm rooms and after this more transitional period of life, people may want to settle on a more classic style such as Shaker cabinets. Ikea also invests heavily into its signature style, but the materials it uses aren’t always the highest quality. As explained in greater detail here, Ikea’s cabinet boxes are sometimes made of medium-density fiberboard instead of plywood, which is far more durable.




    Overall, if you are looking for timeless kitchen cabinets that will get shipped quickly, it’s definitely worth checking out Nelson Cabinetry as an alternative to Ikea. There’s nothing like the customer service that you’ll get from a family business that has specialized in high-quality Shaker kitchen cabinets for decades.

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