IKEA Custom Fronts vs Inexpensive RTA Cabinets


If you’re stuck deciding between custom IKEA fronts and inexpensive RTA  cabinets, we’re here to help make your decision easier. Since way back when  IKEA cabinets stormed on the cabinetry scene, they have dominated the discount cabinet market like no other. Home renovators have, however, that you can make your IKEA cabinets appear fancier using customized fronts that cost a  pretty penny. Despite this, the low prices and robust designs make RTA  cabinets more attractive to even the most discerning buyers. Here are the reasons why inexpensive ready-to-assemble cabinets will always beat IKEA  custom fronts in the cabinetry race.  




IKEA custom fronts are expensive  

Keeping in mind that when using a combination of IKEA systems and custom fronts, two types of expenditure are incurred. While IKEA cabinetry series are reasonably priced, this is not always the case for custom fronts. For example,  Semihandmade attracted the world’s attention when it was revealed that their custom IKEA fronts were fitted in Karlie Kloss’s Kode with Klossy Office but their products came at a steep price, with their bath fronts ranging in price from  $121.60 to $304.00 per cabinet. When you add this amount to the cost of the  Godmorgon system to which the fronts are attached, which can cost you up to  $899.00 for a sink cabinet with four drawers, you’ll find your budget flying out the window fast.  


Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are reasonably priced 

RTA cabinets have always been an economical option for price-conscious consumers. The reason being that preassembled cabinets are assembled on-site,  which increases labor costs. In contrast, RTA cabinets require self-assembly,  which reduces the labor expense incurred by manufacturers. Base cabinets, for instance, from premium RTA cabinet retailer Nelson cabinetry are priced in the range of $150.27 to $497.88, which is cheaper overall than purchasing an IKEA  cabinet system and custom fronts to match.  


Custom fronts are only available for limited IKEA lines  

IKEA stocks multiple series or collections of cabinetry but there are only custom fronts available for limited systems, which restricts your options greatly.  Front by Prettypegs, for example, offers front covers in three patterns; loop bow, arch, and claw, however then can only be put on cabinets from IKEA’s  Besta collection. Plykea, similarly, only supplies IKEA kitchen cabinet worktop, door & drawer fronts, and panels for the Sektion series; while Norse  Interiors produces custom IKEA fronts, hardware, and legs for their Malm,  Sektion, and Besta systems.  


RTA cabinets are available in diverse styles  

Whatever your style there is an RTA cabinet that will suit your taste. RTA  cabinetry is available in a wide spectrum of designs, spanning from framed to frameless to finished or unfinished. If your style is more contemporary then frameless slab cabinet doors will be to your liking, or if you find yourself drawn to classic designs, then the shaker-style door is your best bet. For DIY devotees the unfinished ready-to-assemble provides that extra incentive, with not only self-assembly necessary but also the creative use of paint.  


IKEA fronts can be made from flimsy materials 

If you thought that the costly nature of custom fronts would correspond with high-quality standards, think again. For example, Frontly’s covers are self-adhesive and constructed from thin slices of wood veneers, which makes them easy to apply to your Besta cabinets but also causes them to be fragile and easily damaged. Likewise, Semihandmade’s cabinet door fronts are constructed from materials such as wood veneers, thermofoil, and melamine, which are less sturdy and durable than hardwood or plywood.  


RTA cabinets are of good quality 

All-wood constructed ready-to-assemble cabinets, like the white shaker cabinets produced by Nelson Cabinetry, are some of the best quality cabinets currently on the market. Combine the robustness of plywood or solid cabinets with dovetail joinery and soft-close drawers and you’ve got yourself some kitchen or bath cabinetry that will withstand the test of time. There is simply no competing with sturdy and well-made RTA cabinetry.  


Why invest in expensive-looking custom cabinet fronts when you can get the whole package from just a single manufacturer? Call Nelson Cabinetry today at 832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation on our premium shaker cabinets at wholesale pricing.



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