Ideas for Organizing Pantry Cabinets


It’s always useful to have storage space on hand, and traditionally in kitchen design it’s the pantry that serves as the area for storing extra food supplies, housewares, dishes, beverages – you name it! But like other storage spots in general, the fact that it’s frequently used to keep a variety of items means that it can get cluttered pretty quickly. But by exploring organizational strategies ahead of time, you can keep your pantry tidy. Your initial efforts will pay off in the long run because just a little planning in terms of your kitchen pantry design ideas goes a long way.


Pull-Out Shelves
Pull-out Shelves organizer systems are an ingenious solution to making all your storage, regardless of whether it’s in the front or the back, equally accessible. Stores such as Home Depot offer various designs, ranging from wire baskets to shelf units, that are available to fit in with pre-existing pantry cabinets. They’re perfect for storing dried and canned food and work well alongside a refrigerator so you have all your ingredients in the same general area. What’s more, there are many different basket and shelf configurations possible, which allows you to customize your space to suit your specific needs.


Lighter Items on High
If you choose a tall pantry, like Nelson’s 96″ high cabinets (also available in 84″ and 90″), you’ll definitely want to consider storing lightweight items that will just be accessed one time on the upper shelves – this could be, for example, extra boxes of cereal, paper towels, napkins, etc. Place the items that get the most use within easy reach so that you don’t have to bring out a ladder or stoop over constantly just to access the salt and pepper or the coffee! Lower shelving units are ideal for storing heavier items that also get less frequent use such as appliances and certain dry ingredients, depending upon what kind of cook you are.


Shelves on the Back of the Door
Regardless of whether you have a single-door kitchen pantry or two-door pantry, adding back-of-the-door shelves gives you a whole new set of options, especially for your smaller items like seasonings, snacks, and cooking ingredients. The basic plastic/vinyl ones as well as the wire models are practically weightless and are available at home goods stores or Amazon starting as low as $13, with more elaborate wooden designs also available. A particularly good option for creating a little extra room, this is an instant solution for those who are short on space. For 4-door kitchen pantry cabinets, it’s possible to hang one set of shelves on each door for a more uniform look, or just set up sets of shelves as needed.


Basket Shelving
A variation on the concept of pull-outs, basket shelving is simply a way of creating pullouts with baskets that you choose and set up yourself as an organizational solution for your pantry cabinets. It is a far more cost-effective solution than pullout shelving, which can sometimes be costly. It’s also an option for those who would like to remove the doors from their pantry cabinets for more immediate access to the items inside. The natural colors and textures of baskets create a cozy and homey look. Plus, if you want to take multiple items with you at once to another part of the kitchen, you can just bring the whole basket with you, which will save you the time and effort of having to go back and forth to your work station and the storage area.