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    Ideas for a Baker’s Kitchen

    When it comes to kitchens, it’s not just a matter of one size fits all. There are just as many different food preparation styles as there are people on this planet. Some like to prepare produce in advance and have ready-to-use ingredients on hand in the fridge, whereas others are more improvisational in the kitchen, seeking inspiration as they go along. And then there are the bakers. Their focus will be on the oven, whether they make bread, cookies, cakes, or pastries. For bakers, easy access to the right tools of their trade is especially essential when considering their kitchen design. Read on to find out what the key ingredients are for a baker’s dream kitchen.

    No-Fuss Countertops

    Whether you’re rolling out dough or shaping a bread loaf, you’ll want quality countertop space – and lots of it. You’ll also want continuous stretches of countertop space so that you have a generous work area that will also be a cinch to clean up. The material is also an important consideration. Granite and marble are traditionally popular with bakers, but they are porous; non-porous materials such as quartz are less likely to stain or to harbor viruses or bacteria. If you do choose a porous material, be sure that it is sealed properly so that it’s easier to keep clean.

    Double Ovens

    Why settle for one when you can have two? With a double oven, you can make dessert while you’re cooking dinner – and if you’re preparing several batches of cookies for a special occasion, they make timing all that much easier. If you want to mix it up, it’s also possible to get double ovens with microwave on top. You can even get cabinets specially designed for double ovens, like Nelson’s 33 or 30 inch double oven cabinet (available in three different heights), which offers the perfect kitchen cabinet solutions for extra storage above the stove.


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    Smart Appliance Organization

    Which appliances you have out and ready to go will depend on what kind of baker you are. If your go-to is cookies, you’ll want to have a mixer in a convenient spot to avoid having to take it out and put it away all the time. Other heavy appliances that get a lot of use, such as bread machines and blenders, can also be assigned a pride of place on the countertop. Keep all the miscellaneous baking accessories like cake pans, mixing bowls, and baking sheets all in one spot for easy access. One idea is to organize a two-door pantry with your utensils and implements on one side and your baking ingredients on the other, at eye level.


    Ensure Quick and Easy Access to Spices

    Keep all your spices together so you can grab whatever spice you need on the spot. Alphabetizing spices is especially easy if you have a good system that allows you to look at all the spices at once, like you can get with a pull out spice rack for upper cabinets, a sliding spice cabinet, or base cabinet spice pull out. Arrays of spices have great visual appeal, too, so you can also go for the easy but elegant option of spice clips on the insides of your kitchen cabinets, which make it possible to line the backs of the cabinet doors with rows of seasonings.



    A Roomy Sink

    You’ll want cleanup to be as simple and straightforward as possible, and a simple but roomy sink is one of the best ways to get everything cleaned up in no time. Large-capacity sinks are especially helpful for scouring baking sheets and appliances. Undermount sinks are especially handy because there’s no barrier between the countertop and the sink, meaning all you have to do is clear the crumbs and flour off the counter with an easy swipe.

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