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How To Turn A Corner Cabinet From Awful To Astounding

It’s true. Corner cabinets are awfully awkward when it comes to angles and depth. They are immensely hard to deal with when remodeling. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy them?


No way, Jose!


Corner cabinets add elegance and sophistication to any kitchen. They are one of the best storage solutions, especially for small kitchen spaces. But why are they so difficult?


Well, to sum things up: they are a pain to deal with since the items that are stored there are hard to see and reach due to poor lighting and deep recesses. However, they are usually the first major kitchen purchase for many home buyers and renters because they are affordable and offer such great flexibility for storing your kitchen supplies. 


The question is: should you buy it?

Definitely yes.


Are they hard to deal with?

No, if you keep reading.


What Are Corner Cabinets, Anyway?

Corner cabinets are a great way to make your kitchen area more functional. They are designed to make use of the space in a corner. Corner cabinets can house appliances, hide unsightly clutter, and help you create a well-organized space. But, since they have perpendicular doors, walls, and the difficulty of reaching, these cabinets require a different configuration than traditional cabinets.


Understand Your Corner Cabinet

The first step in choosing the right kitchen cabinet for your space is measuring it and understanding its dimensions and what you can do with them:


  • Product depth: measure the depth of your appliance. It’s best if this dimension is also the length of the kitchen cabinet so that it fits perfectly into one side of the corner without looking awkward or bulky.
  • Width: measure the width of your kitchen as well as the width of your corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are available in a variety of dimensions, so ensure that you consider all of your options and pick the most efficient corner cabinet for the kitchen space. Corner cabinets supply a modern look and also offer an extra storage space location, making them best for the contemporary kitchen or smaller-sized cooking areas.
  • Height: Corner cupboards can be found as little as 24 inches high and go up to 42 inches (most home improvement shops do not carry higher than this). Corner cupboards typically range from size 2 feet by 2 feet to 3-4 feet by 3-4 feet. Corner cupboard heights can vary; most are around 30 inches high. Widths can differ as well; some may extend only from the wall, while others may project out up to Corner cabinets can be a great storage solution for small spaces, but they can also be a bit tricky to design around. Before you start shopping for your new corner cabinet, take some time to understand the unique dimensions of your corner.



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Choose The Right Style

The style of your corner cabinet is just as important as the size. You want to choose a style that will match the rest of your kitchen. Here are a few popular styles:

  • Traditional: wooden cabinets with intricate details
  • Modern: sleek and simple designs with clean lines
  • Rustic: rough, unfinished wood with natural finishes
  • Country: quaint and charming designs with lots of character


Pick The Right Color And Material

The color of your corner cabinet is important because it will be a focal point in your kitchen. Make sure to pick a color that will match the other cabinets in your kitchen, and that will blend in with the rest of your decor. It’s probably best to go with the timeless white or gray since they are classics and will survive any trend.

The material of your corner cabinet is also important. You’ll want to choose a material that is durable and easy to clean. Wood is a good choice because it is both durable and easy to clean. Laminate is also a nice one because it is durable and easy to clean. Make sure you invest in some good pieces. Your kitchen will be used every day, so it’s important to put your money in high quality that will last. 


Turn Corner Cabinets Into Organizational Masterpieces

To use every inch of your corner space, there are various options. For example, with a Lazy Susan, it only takes one gentle spin to reach everything you need. Roll-out trays allow you to slide out the drawer and find whatever you need. Cabinet dividers are designed for keeping your kitchen clutter organized and arranged.

Except for the base corner cabinets, there are also wall ones. You can choose between a diagonal and a blind corner cabinet. They allow you to maximize your use of space, but also have adjustable shelves. Diagonal ones can be combined with Lazy Susans to provide easier access to the items. On the other hand, a blind corner wall cabinet also offers you a large amount of storage space, and the downside is accessing the items that are stored in the “blind“ area. These are more popular because of the varying widths available.

Some Everyday Tips

Use your base cabinets only for appliances, like slow cookers and blenders. Instead of cluttering your countertops with these appliances, use base corner cabinets for space efficiency. Also, make sure you never overfill them. You don’t want clutter and mess in hard-to-reach areas, especially these corner cabinets. Try to keep them filled to 50% and you’ll make your life easier.



Cabinetry is a work of art and designing your kitchen makes you an artist for sure. You’re composing this beautiful, harmonious melody, so make sure that every note is special and gentle. Don’t overdo one part of your kitchen and underdo the other just because it’s a bit harder. Put some effort into corner cabinets to get the kitchen you deserve. If you’re not sure how to get the look you want, make sure you use the free 3D kitchen design tool before you decide on buying anything. In case you’re still not confident in what you decided, consult a professional at info@nelsonkb.com or call 832-998-6598. We’ll be glad to help you!


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