Tips for Flawless Cabinet Touch-Up

Life has a tendency to get in the way, and sometimes it gets in the way of cabinets looking their best. They are exposed to the elements, with their habitat being an environment with water and moisture. People, pets, vacuums run into them occasionally. Remodeling can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why Nelson Cabinetry created a touch-up kit in white and gray made just for your cabinets. So how will you use it so your cabinets can live their best life?

Touch-up Kit


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Since the kitchen is the center of many homes, it tends to get a lot of wear and tear. Luckily, Nelson Cabinetry offers you a touch-up kit for just $25. This touch-up kit comes with some paint and a touch-up marker. You can choose between white and gray Sherwin Williams brand color. We also suggest taking your small cabinet door to your local Sherwin Williams store. They will help you match the color and shine of your cabinet doors. You can order the kit together with your cabinets to make sure you always have it in unnecessary situations. It will keep your cabinets looking beautiful again.

Touch-up Color


The touch-up paint, available in white and gray, helps with minor damages. It’s easy to use and doesn’t create a mess. Just dip into it and paint your spot in a few minutes. It will restore your cabinets to their original glory. They’ll look brand new and like they’ve never been scratched at all.


Touch-up Marker


This touch-up marker is made to repair spots where the finish might be damaged or raw wood exposed. You can also use it on joints where pieces of molding meet, or on any edge of your piece of cabinetry where there is damage and exposure. Before you start, be sure to shake your marker well. After that, run it over the damaged area. If one coat isn’t enough, run over it again until it is fully covered. Lastly, you should wipe off any excess off with a lint-free, clean and dry cloth. To make sure your marker doesn’t dry out, recap the marker after using it.



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Order your touch-up kit from Nelson Cabinetry today so your cabinets can look their very best. 



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