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How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Tiles And Walls

Is your bathroom in desperate need of a remodel? Did you know that the home’s bathroom is one of the most renovated living space areas homeowners prioritize across the country. 


Why spruce up your bathroom? It’s believed that an improved bathroom not only elevates the aesthetic value of the given space, but also promotes cleanliness and safety. If you’re on the lookout for different ideas to help you spruce up your bathroom soon, begin with the tiles and walls. Check out the different examples below:

Install Top-Tier Tiles

Installing high-quality tiles is one way of upgrading the look of your bathroom. With these tiles, your bathroom becomes easier to clean and maintain. Thus, germs and grime growth become minimal. Apart from this, the bathroom becomes free from soap suds and unwanted liquids that may build up and affect the bathroom’s appearance. For better appeal, get beautiful tiles for your bathroom from the proven tile providers in your locality.



If you’re choosing bathroom tiles, consider comparing the themes and colors you like. You may visualize the outcome by juxtaposing your selected tiles and the bathroom’s thematic color. You can also choose from various tile formats and sizes. Think that large-sized tiles are easier to clean because of minimal border and grout joints where dirt can build up.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom’s Tiles

Did you know that general tile cleaning can be done weekly? This may include simple scrubbing and the application of a disinfectant. 


Most homeowners often use over-the-counter chemicals and cleaners, ranging from ammonia, bleach, to calcium lime rust, in order to remove tile stains and dirt buildup. 


Focus on the tiled areas of your bathroom that have the most dirt. These could be the faucets and ledges where water and dirt tend to accumulate. You can use a trusty household bathroom brush to scrub these spaces before proceeding with cleaning the tiles’ immediate surroundings, including the grout lines.


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Add A Wall Panel

Installing wall panels in bare walls is one way of keeping the bathroom stylish, albeit without the traditional bathroom tiles. Most wall panels are easy to install because of their slim appearance and minimal requirements. In many cases, contractors only use a basic adhesive seal to fit the panels into the walls.



Apart from these, wall panels provide various benefits, including low cost, waterproofing qualities, and simple maintenance. And these panels can fit well with bathroom cabinets to maximize space. If you’re into choosing from various wall panel types, dive into the following:


This type is made from synthetic plastic. It’s easy to clean and may only require simple wiping. Since it has a hollow construction, it’s less durable than other panel types. Yet, it’s still hard-wearing.


Acrylic panels are made almost similarly to PVC. The difference could be its denser quality. In many cases, it has a semi-transparent appearance and waterproof quality. Its downsides are its weight and high cost.

MDF Laminated

Otherwise known as Solid Core panels, this type is made from plywood covered with a waterproof laminate. Most MDF materials are easy to install and come in various colors and designs. However, some have cheaper quality as they have a diverse range of choices. Because of this, it’s suggested that you look into the material’s construction and composition to determine its durability and water penetrability.

Paint The Walls Of Your Bathroom 

Many bathroom paints contain mold-inhibiting properties that prevent mold and mildew growth. Thus, they keep the walls free from dirt and spots for an extended time. These paints also showcase a washable finish, making them easy to clean and maintain. In most cases, they only require regular wiping and gentle scrubbing for cleaning.


In choosing bathroom paints, consider the ones which have high moisture resistance. These products are less likely to deteriorate and lose their sheen for a long time. Before painting,  clean the surfaces first. Depending on your preference, decide whether you’d apply a single layer or two.

Regrout Your Bathroom Tiles

Regrouting is vital in keeping bathroom tiles durable for a long time. Without regrouting, tiles are more prone to cracking due to moisture exposure. Additionally, initial grout detaches over time, particularly when direct water seeps beneath the tiles.


Suppose you’re considering regrouting the tiles and tile joints, considering applying the sealants every six months. Yet if the adhesive deteriorates earlier than expected, you can use the grout before. Check the tile condition to determine whether tile replacement would be better than basic regrouting.



Wrapping Up

Sprucing up one’s bathroom tiles and walls can be challenging. Fortunately, homeowners can apply a number of tips and tricks to maintain the bathroom’s aesthetic quality and durability. You may refer to this post for helpful insights or ask a seasoned tile setter or bathroom contractor for more ideas.

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