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What Can We Do to Prepare for Unrealistic Expectations?




Starting your kitchen remodel project is a major step forward. But before you start, you should learn how to deal with your expectations. Reality can be different from the dream and it’s important to know how to cope with it and how to deal with it.



Kitchen remodeling will be a lot like other home projects you’ve undertaken. It requires strict planning, especially when you have certain expectations. Whether you’re remodeling yourself or you’re hiring a professional for the job, being real about your wants and needs can save you a lot of trouble.


We’ve all seen TV shows where homeowners get a total home makeover. The episode lasts for about 30 minutes with a commercial break included. We’ve watched houses go from blah to breathtaking; but is all this that easy or is there more to the story? Let’s talk about time, money, and results.



Setting up a timeframe 


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A great way to organize anything is to add a timeframe and this applies to home and kitchen remodeling. Starting a project on your own can be a fun idea especially if you’re no newbie in DIY projects. Your kitchen remodeling can last one month or three but you need to know this ahead of time. The same goes when hiring a designer/contractor. They will do their best to provide you with proper information and even if it takes longer than you expect, you shouldn’t push quality work. 


  • Make sure you set up a timeframe.


  • Be realistic about it.


  • Know that at some point, unexpected things can happen and that’s ok.




Adjust your wants and needs to your budget


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If you’re hiring a professional to do the kitchen remodeling job for you, be sure to talk about finances. Being clear on this topic will save you a lot of time and frustration. You know what you love and you should share it with your contractor. But, if your expectations are high, someone will have to break that bubble and it’s not going to be easy. 


A kitchen remodeling job can cost from $10k to $50k or more depending on preferences. Being realistic about this is a start to a fantastic conversation between you and your contractor. Even if your budget is small, you can still have a beautiful kitchen.


  • DIY some of the work to save up for something else.



  • Pick appliances and decor that fit within your lifestyle and budget.




Needing to have perfect results


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Cooking in a kitchen that makes you feel good is money well spent. The experience of buying kitchen cabinets, appliances, and a backsplash can differ from one person to another. Some love it, some hate it. What counts in the end is that feeling you have when you walk into your new kitchen that looks exactly as you imagined it would look. But what happens if it doesn’t? What if someone made a small mistake somewhere and now that’s all you see? Well, these are psychological needs. 


In our daily life, we keep everything together, we try to get the best out of everything, and sometimes what we get just isn’t it. Should you stress about it? Well, it’s your right to but you shouldn’t. Small differences, especially the ones only you can notice, shouldn’t bother you too much. If you’re hating something, fix it. But if you can live with it, that’s great! 


  • Be aware that sometimes improvisation is necessary and beneficial.


  • Learn to distinguish major errors from temporary dislikes.


  • Learn to have a positive attitude.





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Expectations and reality sometimes don’t fit, which can be disappointing. Being clear about it makes life a lot easier, especially when you’re planning a big home project. Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen, try to be realistic about these three things: time, money, and results.


A positive attitude and a healthy dose of realism can make a huge difference. Once you get to the point of walking into the new kitchen that you love, your story can be different because you’ve made the journey with confidence and calm.




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