How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Online


Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task. But with the help of the internet, planning your kitchen remodel has never been easier. Here are some of the best tips for planning your kitchen remodel online.  


Use Youtube


Youtube provides an overview of the entire remodeling process, from planning to completion. Videos posted on Youtube include tips on choosing materials, as well as ideas for every type of kitchen. The best thing about Youtube videos is that they are highly educational and last very shortly. You can learn how to design, how to assemble, how to measure, and even how to shop. 


Check out Nelson Cabinetry’s Youtube channel for much more educational content:


Step by Step Instructions


Educating yourself has never been easier. With the help of the internet, now you can learn almost anything – and for free! Pick a trustworthy website that offers you high-quality products but also dedicates an entire page to educating its customers. That way you’ll know the company is serious enough and that it cares about its clients. 


High-quality companies usually have an entire blog section dedicated to ‘How Tos’ and other educational posts. Make sure you use this for your own good and educate yourself properly.


Use 3D Kitchen Design Software


These days planning your kitchen remodel is more a game than a chore. Using 3D online planners will help you with your dream kitchen planning, it will allow you to act like a kitchen professional, and you won’t spend a penny on a professional consultation. It’s important to find a company that offers a lot – from high-quality products, to blogs, 3D kitchen design software, and even free consultations!


Design your dream wood kitchen, country kitchen, layouts, appliances, and furniture. Use 3D kitchen design software’s potential to its maximum because you deserve it!


Shop Easily


Once you have a general idea of what you want, it’s time to start shopping for materials and appliances. Online retailers like Nelson Cabinetry have a clear online collection of kitchen products, as well as helpful tools like room planners that allow you to see how different products will look in your kitchen.



Start Working on the Details


After you’ve chosen your materials and appliances, it’s time to start working on the details. Kitchen remodeling blogs are filled with ideas for everything from cabinet pulls to lighting fixtures.



If you’re not sure how to do something, there are plenty of online resources to help you out. YouTube is filled with helpful kitchen remodeling videos, and there are also dozens of websites devoted exclusively to remodeling.


For more information write to us at or just call 832-998-6598. We’re here to help!


And finally, don’t forget to enjoy your new kitchen. Cooking in a newly remodeled kitchen is a fun and rewarding experience. Enjoy!


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