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7 Easy Steps for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets




With a variety of cabinet colors, sometimes it’s hard to opt for the right one. The pressure of making the right choice can be overwhelming but there is a solution: you can paint your cabinets! Here is a guide on steps you need to take for perfect results.


Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen. Depending on the quality of your cabinets, they should last for about 10 years. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep the same color the entire time, especially if you want to freshen up your kitchen’s look.


Painting kitchen cabinets is quite easy but to do it right, make sure you follow these steps and you will get perfect results.



Create your budget


Image Source: Pexels


  • Calculate the costs and adjust your budget accordingly.


  • On average, it costs between $900 – $1,200 to repaint a standard kitchen.


  • Include tools in your budget like painter’s tape, drop cloths, liquid deglosser, silicon carbide sandpaper, gloves, sanding sponges, primer, paint brushes, etc.


  • Make sure you count the number of cabinets that need painting.


  • Look for special deals on paint.


  • Expect to pay around $50 per gallon for quality cabinet paint.


  • Painting cabinets can last from about 7 to 10 days.


  • You probably won’t be able to use your kitchen during this time, so make sure your budget covers additional costs for food.



Choose your paint


Image Source: Pexels


  • Make sure you opt for a color that will match your kitchen design. 


  • Make sure you choose quality paint as this will affect the lifespan of your freshly painted cabinets.


  • Manufacturers like Insl-x (Cabinet Coat) or Benjamin Moore will give you great results.


  • Oil-based paint is a traditional way of painting cabinets, but it takes more time to dry. 


  • Latex paint dries faster and still gives solid results.



It’s time to clean your cabinets


Image Source: Pexels


  • Make sure you empty your cabinets before you start doing anything else.


  • Before you start any prep work, clean your cabinets with mild, grease-cutting soap on a soft cleaning pad. 


  • Clean cabinets will give better painting results.


  • Remove all doors from cabinets and label the hardware properly – in case you want to reuse it after. 



Prime your cabinets


Image Source: Pexels


  • If your cabinets have a glossy finish, use a liquid deglosser.


  • But if your cabinets are matte, simply sand the surface with 100 grit sandpaper and vacuum the dust as often as you can.


  • Now you can start applying the primer.


  • Oil-based primer works great with cherry or maple wood.


Paint the cabinets


Image Source: Pexels


  • Prop your cabinets up before you start painting because it will be easier for you to reach all corners and edges. 


  • Consider laying the doors on painters’ pyramids for increased mobility around the bottom. 


  • Make sure you paint with even strokes finishing back into the wet paint and feathering the edges.



Let the cabinets dry and apply the second coat


Image Source: Pexels


  • Your cabinets need to fully dry before you can apply the second coat


  • Applying the second coat too soon will give you poor results so make sure you don’t rush time. Your kitchen cabinet can be perfect and the credit will be all yours.


  • After your cabinets are dry, apply the second layer of paint.


  • Paint a polyurethane finish on top of your second coat for optimal durability.



Add your hardware 


Image Source: Pexels


  • Line up your hinges, handles, and knobs with the top of the door rail. 


  • Temporarily attach the metal cabinet pulls before securing them completely.





Image Source: Pexels


In some aspects of life, doing a good job sometimes is not enough. But when painting your cabinets, give your best and the results will be amazing. Just follow these steps and you should be all set.

But if you lack time, preparation, or budget, rather avoid committing to a project you can’t finish properly. Making a mess can cost you a lot of money and you might find yourself shopping for new cabinets.


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