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How to Measure for Kitchen Cabinets




Every kitchen plan starts with the right measurements. Whether you’re DIY or you’re hiring a contractor, measuring your kitchen can be a hard job. From marking the center point to highlighting obstructions, power, and gas, following these steps will make your job easier.


Measuring your old cabinets unfortunately won’t do the trick if you’re planning to install new cabinetry. Proper planning and measurements are the first steps you have to take towards your dream kitchen. Not an easy job if you haven’t done your research. To make this process easier for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to measure your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets


For this process, you will need:


  1. Tape measure


  1. Pen or pencil


  1. Grid paper


  1. Labels

Make sure you label openings and obstructions on your kitchen floor plan like this. 


Draw a floor plan



Here is an example of how your floor plan can look. You don’t have to follow the same concept but make sure what you note is accurate and clear.



Horizontal measurements



Once you have your first draft ready, it’s time to take horizontal measurements. For better understanding, use inches for all your measurements. 


Start from an adjoining corner of the wall and work clockwise, taking horizontal measurements of the wall at 36-inch height. Measure, from one wall to the other, skipping over all the appliances and windows.



Measure openings and small wall sections



After you’ve recorded the entire wall lengths, measure and record the wall in smaller segments. Start from a corner of the wall to the outside trim of a window.


Measure all openings, and that includes windows or doors, from one outside trim edge to the other outside trim edge. Any trim or molding around it should be part of the measurement. Number each opening so that you can use it for reference later.



Vertical measurements



Note vertical measurements from floor to the windowsill, from windowsill to the top of the window, and from the top of the window to the ceiling. After you’re all set, measure from the floor to ceiling in at least three different spots of the kitchen. This is important in older homes since ceiling heights can vary and you don’t want to make any mistakes.



Note obstructions



Radiators, pipes, or vents are the most common obstructions found in the kitchen. You can’t move them so planning is the key when the time comes to install your new cabinets. 



Appliances and Utilities



Marking all large appliances, fixtures, the furniture will get you extra points. Mark anything else that you plan on keeping after installing your new kitchen cabinets. Note your water supply, any power sources, heating or air vents, electrical outlets, and light switches. 



Kitchen layout planning



If you’ve done all steps right, your kitchen plan should look like this. Make sure you double-check all the measurements because you don’t want to be sorry later.


After you’re all set with the size of your kitchen, it’s time to start planning your ideal kitchen layout.




Choosing kitchen cabinets



Once you have accurate measurements, opting for the right kitchen cabinets is the fun part. Make sure you narrow down your preferences when it comes to quality, door vs. drawers, depth, and length. To make this part easier for you, check out these Shaker-style cabinets as they will perfectly match any kitchen style. 


When in doubt, we can always offer you help when it comes to 3D kitchen design and it’s free! You will still need to measure your kitchen but our designers will show you how your kitchen can look with our Shaker cabinets




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