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    How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Kitchen

    Nothing does more to add a little cheer to your kitchen than natural sunlight. Some of us are fortunate enough to live in sunny climates all year round, and some are even doubly fortunate to also have ample window space and perhaps even skylights. But if you live somewhere where the sky is often gray, there are some simple tricks for making the most of what natural light you do have.

    Choose a Color Scheme with Bright Shades

    White is the favorite year after year for kitchens—walls and cabinets in particular—and one of the reasons is that white reflects natural light and keeps a room cheerful and bright. Darker shades tend to add depth and create a sense of intimacy, which is a great choice if you want a kitchen that creates a cozier atmosphere. But white and vivid colors are ideal if you want a bright, cheerful atmosphere. When shopping for paint or cabinets online, you can usually order a sample so you can see how the color works in your kitchen and experiment with different color combinations.

    Opt for Reflective and Shiny Surfaces

    Just as white reflects light, so do metals, glossy finishes, and mirrors. There are many different ways to incorporate reflective surfaces into your kitchen design. Stainless steel or polished granite countertops, for example, are a great way to introduce some materials that will reflect light. A standard white refrigerator can certainly add a lot of shine, but they can be difficult to keep clean. Brushed steel refrigerators, however, are modern and also reflect light, tending more towards the blue wavelength, which means they look great with light gray cabinets. Even a few shiny new appliances can do wonders in terms of brightening up your kitchen, too!

    Choose Glossier Paints

    You can also choose a glossier paint for the walls or even paint your cabinets with a glossy finish. One extra bonus to having high-gloss finishes is that they are a lot easier to clean than matte or low-gloss finishes. When you buy cabinets, however, there’s no need to limit your search to ones that only have a gloss finish—it is relatively simple to paint cabinets yourself. Check out this blog post about how to go about painting your own cabinets. The best thing is that the choice of colors is virtually infinite, meaning that you can customize the colors to “reflect” (no pun intended!) your personality.


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    Choose Flooring Colors that Reflect Light

    The flooring takes up the most surface area in your kitchen, followed by the countertops, so it’s important to focus on the color and finish of these in particular. White floors are notoriously difficult to keep clean and can also be a little overwhelming when paired with white cabinets, countertops, and walls. Design experts suggest offsetting kitchens that already have a lot of white with colors that reflect light but are somewhat subdued, such as a stone in a natural color or a wood with a light veneer.

    Choose Reflective Accents

    Mirrors, glass, metals, and polished stone can have a real impact on the brightness of your kitchen when they are featured in your appliances and countertops, but be sure not to overlook subtler opportunities such as a backsplash and cabinet hardware. Many cabinet styles, such as the classic Shaker model, actually don’t have any hardware but some can certainly be added for style. Whether buying kitchen cabinets in a store or buying kitchen cabinets online, be sure to speak with a customer service representative to find out their opinion about adding or switching out hardware. Meanwhile, we recommend deciding on a backsplash as one of the final steps of a kitchen remodel, because it provides you with a great opportunity to figure out how to tie all the colors, textures, and patterns together.




    If natural light in your kitchen is in short supply, just keep these tips in mind and you can still have a bright, cheerful kitchen.

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