How to Keep Your Kitchen Renovation Under Budget: Understanding the 10×10 Kitchen




Fulfilling the dream of having a gorgeous kitchen can be a major flop if we get lost in the budget. This involves planning the budget as much as anything else. To help you make smarter decisions, we are going to share some golden tips on how to estimate, forecast, and calculate your budget properly by using a 10×10 Kitchen Guide. 


In the kitchen cabinetry world, you can find anything from affordable to mega expensive. This fact makes a huge difference to most people and even if your budget is limitless, you should know where your money is going. Whether you’re minutes away from buying kitchen cabinets or you’re planning to, in the long run, let’s go through the basics of kitchen budgeting.


What is known as the 10×10 kitchen model plays a major role in this process. If you’ve ever wondered what this means, here is a simple explanation.



10×10 kitchen definition


10x19 kitchen
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A really simple and short definition of a 10×10 kitchen is an “L” shaped kitchen that measures 10-feet by 10-feet. This is an industry-standard used to determine how many the average kitchen price for a standard L shape layout. It comes in quite handy when you need to quickly compare the prices of different suppliers.



Theory vs. reality


shaker kitchen
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In theory the concept of a 10×10 kitchen is great. It is very simple to understand, easy to replicate, and easy to price compare. However, there is a catch, very few kitchens are exactly 10×10. In one study, ABC News estimated that the last time U.S. kitchens approached the fabled 10-by-10-foot size (100 square feet) was back in 1974. At that time, kitchens averaged 150 square feet, but they included whatever in-room dining space the room contained. 


In terms of food preparation and storage space, 100 square feet is quite realistic. We can agree that this tool can be quite useful as a general figure for kitchen dimensions.



An example of a 10×10 kitchen at Nelson Cabinetry


Nelson Cabinetry 3D design of a 10×10 kitchen



We’ve selected a combination of kitchen cabinets that includes Shaker-style base cabinets, corner cabinets and wall cabinets:


W1830 – $118.34

W3030 – $166.03

WDC2430 – $239.26

W1230 – $89.44

W3012 – $102.38

W1830 – $118.34

W3612 – $131.88

B24 – $221.35

SB36 – $213.28

LS36 – $345.86

B18 – $181.58


The kitchen cabinet total is $1,927.74 + $299 shipping which means you could be paying only $2,226.74 for a brand-new 10×10 kitchen. You can purchase this cabinet set up simply by calling (832)-998-6598 or by visiting



How you can benefit


shaker kitchen
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If you’re in the process of renovation and you’re looking for kitchen cabinets, the 10×10 model can be a useful tool when comparing. For example: if you’re interested to buy a mahogany maple kitchen, this estimate will give you a certain price. To get your money’s worth, make a comparison with similar manufacturer or pick a different style, like a Shaker plywood kitchen. Although 10×10 can’t provide you 100% accuracy, it can help you compare prices and plan your budget accordingly.


If you’re interested in finding out more about kitchen cost estimators, check our quick quote service. All you have to do is count the number of cabinet doors and drawers you have. You can also try our free 3D design and our designers will present realistic images of Shaker-style cabinets in your kitchen.