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How to Keep Your Kitchen Pet Friendly




Having pets is one of the blessings we get to cherish every day. They lift our spirits regardless of how our days have been and their unconditional love is never-ending. Sharing a home with a pet comes with a few challenges, though, and this applies to the kitchen too. Let’s find out how to create a pet-friendly kitchen.


According to the National Pet Owners Survey, about 85 million families own a pet. Most homeowners have dogs, followed by cats, fish, reptiles, and birds. We’re going to focus on our four-legged buddies today since they’re the ones that might end up in the kitchen. They get to explore the entire house and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But what happens when a home is not all that friendly either to your pet or your glassware? Then it’s time to apply some basic rules.




Open shelves


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They look great and they go well with lots of different kitchen styles but having a cat and open shelves translates into trouble. Cats love to climb so more than often you’ll find your cat going through your kitchen decor. They have playful instincts, so it’s better not to give them ways to break valuable things. Rather opt for wall cabinets with wood doors as this option will keep both your cat and kitchenware safe.


Waste cabinet


Having pets means you’ll be seeing a lot of shenanigans around the house. For this particular reason, it’s better to think in advance and take the necessary steps to prevent certain scenarios from occurring. Installing a waste cabinet is a must as a freestanding trash can is too tempting for pets. Both dogs and cats are curious and sometimes they like to put their noses where they don’t belong, belong, especially when there are smells that they find especially interesting. Better be safe than sorry. 




Pets love exploring and that’s the fun part of having them. But you don’t want them close to your groceries so having enough cabinet storage space keeps everything sanitary. Another way to look at is: It’s better to keep your groceries in pantry cabinets than to pick up a bunch of chips that a pet has left scattered all over the house. Chocolate, bread, and milk are some of the common groceries we all have laying around and pets shouldn’t get a hold of them as they are harmful to them.




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Cats will jump onto your countertop even if you’ve trained them not to. They will do it while you sleep. Resisting their nature can be an uphill battle; the smartest thing to do is to create an environment that works. This includes the countertops. Make sure you pick ones that are easy to clean. Quartz, for example, is durable, antimicrobial, and maintenance-free. It also resists scratches. 


Secured cabinets


The kitchen is full of gadgets, smells, and tastes and if your pets have found a way to open your cabinets, it’s time to act. You can either train them or you can simply put baby locks on cabinet doors. Dogs and cats can find food or chemicals that can be toxic to them so this is for their protection. And with time, they will learn that opening kitchen cabinets is off-limits.




Dogs and cats both like to chew and are at a higher risk of danger from exposed wiring, lighting, outlets, and extension cords. Pets generally think dangling electrical cords and wires are fun since they look like toys, so ensure they’re out of reach.


Chemicals and Poisonous Plants


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Pets are characteristically curious, especially with items that have an unfamiliar scent. Therefore, dangerous cleaning agents, chemicals, and medications are likely to spark their interest. Make sure items that are toxic to pets, such as cleaning detergents, bleach, and antifreeze, are behind locked cabinets. Some house plants are poisonous to pets too, so make sure you do your research.






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We hope you’ve learned more about what sharing a kitchen with pets looks like. If you plan on getting one, you’re all set now and if you already have pets, there’s always room for improvement. All you have to do is organize your finances for your remodel and make sure your pets are safe in your home. Our love for them is enormous and sometimes we don’t care that much about cleanliness and boundaries. But it’s all for their and our own well-being, so organize your finances for your remodel and start a happy story. And speaking of which, sharing is caring so share your happy pet experience with us in the comments below.






If you want to renovate your kitchen and you have pets, share your concerns with us when you request our free 3D kitchen design. Within 24 hours, our designers will present you with a solution that fits all your needs. 





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