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How to Incorporate Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends into Your Designs

Just think about it for a second – what’s the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a kitchen? If you’re anything like us, it’s probably those sleek and stylish kitchen cabinets. They’re not just storage space, they’re the heart and soul of your kitchen’s aesthetics.


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Kitchen cabinets are more than just utilitarian fixtures; they play a pivotal role in defining the style, mood, and overall feel of your kitchen. From rustic wooden cabinets that exude a cozy, homely vibe to modern, glossy ones that scream sophistication, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to cabinet designs. And guess what? The trends are always evolving, giving us fresh and exciting ways to bring our kitchen spaces to life. Let’s dive right into the latest kitchen cabinet trends and how you can incorporate them into your designs.

What are the Latest Kitchen Cabinet Trends?

Embracing the Natural

The natural look is in, with wood grain cabinets leading the charge. People are falling back in love with the warmth and charm that wood provides, and it’s not just about traditional tones anymore. We’re seeing woods with vibrant undertones, like orange and red, making a splash in contemporary kitchen designs.

The Reign of White

White is timeless, and it continues to hold its ground in kitchen design. It offers a clean, fresh look that can make your kitchen space feel brighter and larger. Plus, it pairs well with just about any other color, making it incredibly versatile. So, if you’re looking for a safe yet stylish choice, white cabinets might be the way to go.

Two-Tone Trend

Why stick to one color when you can have two? The two-tone trend is all the rage right now. It’s all about contrast – think dark lower cabinets paired with light upper cabinets. This trend adds visual interest and can help break up the monotony in larger kitchens.

The Modern-Traditional Blend

This trend is all about striking the perfect balance between old and new. It’s about combining the sleek lines and simplicity of modern design with the comfort and elegance of traditional styles. The result? A kitchen that feels both cozy and cutting-edge.

Functional Islands

Kitchen islands are no longer just about providing extra workspace. They’re turning into smart storage solutions, complete with built-in cabinets. This trend is a great way to maximize space, especially in smaller kitchens.

Unique Hardware and Features

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the rise of unique hardware and special features. From funky knobs and pulls to stained glass panels, these details can add a whole lot of personality to your kitchen cabinets. So don’t be afraid to get creative and let your personal style shine.

How to Incorporate These Trends Into Your Designs

Natural Wood in Modern Kitchens

The incorporation of natural wood into modern kitchens is a design trend that marries the rustic appeal of nature with the sleek, clean lines typical of contemporary aesthetics. In a modern kitchen, where stainless steel appliances and high-gloss finishes often dominate the scene, natural wood cabinets can bring a warm, organic touch that beautifully balances out the cool, industrial feel.


For instance, pairing walnut cabinets with stainless steel appliances can create an alluring juxtaposition. The rich, dark tones of the walnut wood can provide a striking contrast against the gleaming silver of the appliances, creating a visually interesting interplay between warmth and coolness. Adding a glossy, white quartz countertop to this mix can further enhance this contrast, while also tying in with the modern aesthetic.



Going for a more unexpected look? Consider using mahogany cabinets. Known for its vibrant, red undertones, mahogany can add a splash of color to a minimalist, white kitchen, breaking up the monotony and adding depth to the design. To maintain the modern vibe, keep the cabinet design simple – opt for flat-panel doors and minimal hardware.


Remember, when incorporating natural wood into a modern kitchen, it’s all about balance. Too much wood can make the space feel heavy and outdated, so be sure to offset it with lighter elements like a light-colored backsplash or flooring. Also, consider the grain pattern and texture of the wood – a more pronounced grain can add more visual interest, while a smoother texture can contribute to the sleekness of the modern aesthetic.

White Cabinets in Small Kitchens

In a small kitchen, every square inch counts, and the color of your cabinets can play a big role in how spacious your kitchen feels. White cabinets are a popular choice for small kitchens, and for good reason. They reflect light, helping to make the space appear larger and brighter.


But white doesn’t have to mean boring. There are plenty of ways to add interest to a white kitchen. For instance, you could choose white cabinets with a shaker style or beadboard detail for a touch of texture. Or, you could opt for a white-on-white look, using different shades of white for your cabinets, backsplash, and countertops to create a layered, monochromatic effect.


Small white kitchen


To prevent your white kitchen from looking too sterile or bland, consider adding pops of color with your kitchen accessories. A vibrant toaster, colorful dishware, or even a bold kettle can all serve as focal points that break up the white and inject some personality into the space.


Another way to spice up a white kitchen is through your choice of hardware. Black or brushed nickel hardware can add a modern edge, while brass or gold hardware can bring a touch of elegance. And don’t forget about lighting – a statement light fixture can double as a decorative element and a source of warm, ambient light that enhances the welcoming feel of your small, white kitchen.

Two-Tone Trend in Large Kitchens

In a large kitchen, the two-tone trend can be a design lifesaver. By using two different colors for your upper and lower cabinets, you can break up the space and add visual interest, preventing your kitchen from looking too monotonous.


A popular approach is to use a darker color for the lower cabinets and a lighter shade for the upper ones. This not only creates a striking contrast but also draws the eye upwards, making your kitchen appear taller. For instance, navy blue base cabinets paired with crisp white wall cabinets can create a bold yet balanced look. The deep, rich hue of the navy blue grounds the space, while the bright white brings in lightness and freshness.



When choosing your two colors, consider the overall color scheme of your kitchen and home. Your cabinet colors should complement, not clash with, your existing decor. Also, think about the mood you want to create in your kitchen. Darker colors can evoke a sense of sophistication and drama, while lighter colors can make the space feel more relaxed and airy.


Finally, remember that the two-tone trend isn’t just about color – it’s also about texture and finish. For instance, you could pair matte, navy blue lower cabinets with glossy, white upper cabinets for a mix of finishes that adds another layer of interest to your kitchen design.

Modern-Traditional Blend in Farmhouse Kitchens

Blending modern and traditional styles in a farmhouse kitchen can create a space that feels both cozy and cutting-edge. This design approach combines the rustic charm of the farmhouse aesthetic with the clean lines and simplicity of modern design, resulting in a kitchen that feels warm, welcoming, yet also contemporary.


One way to achieve this blend is by choosing modern-style cabinets in a classic wood finish. Shaker-style cabinets, known for their simple, unadorned look, can be a great choice. Their clean lines fit well with the modern aesthetic, while the wood finish brings in the traditional, farmhouse vibe.


Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are making a major comeback in the modern home.


To maintain the rustic charm of the farmhouse style, consider incorporating traditional elements like a farmhouse sink, beadboard backsplash, or open shelving. These elements can add texture and character to the space, enhancing its old-world feel.


On the other hand, to bring in the modern touch, think about adding contemporary elements like stainless steel appliances, sleek lighting fixtures, or a minimalist kitchen island. These elements can contribute to the sleekness and functionality of the modern aesthetic, balancing out the rusticity of the traditional elements. The key to successfully blending modern and traditional styles in a farmhouse kitchen is balance. Neither style should overpower the other; instead, they should work together to create a harmonious, cohesive look and feel.

Functional Islands in Open-Plan Kitchens

In an open-plan kitchen, a functional island can serve as a multipurpose hub. It can provide extra workspace, act as a casual dining spot, and offer additional storage – all while serving as a visual anchor in the open space.


When incorporating a functional island into your open-plan kitchen, careful planning is crucial. First, consider what you’ll use the island for. If you’ll be using it primarily for prep work, make sure it’s located near your main appliances for easy workflow. If you also plan to use it for dining, ensure there’s enough space for seating and that the height is appropriate for dining.


Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Wall Microwave Cabinet
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Wall Microwave Cabinet


For the lower part of the island, built-in cabinets or open shelving can provide much-needed storage. The design of these cabinets or shelves should complement the rest of your kitchen cabinets to create a cohesive look. If your kitchen has a modern aesthetic, go for sleek, flat-panel cabinets. If it’s more traditional, shaker-style cabinets or cabinets with beadboard detail can be a good fit.


Finally, don’t forget about lighting and ventilation. If your island includes a cooktop, a range hood is essential to remove cooking fumes and heat. For lighting, pendant lights can provide task lighting for the work area and also serve as a decorative element that enhances the overall design of your open-plan kitchen.

Unique Hardware and Features in Classic Kitchens

In a classic kitchen, details matter. Small elements like hardware and special features can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. Replacing standard knobs with vintage-style pulls, for instance, can add character to your cabinets. These pulls can come in a variety of finishes – from antique brass for a touch of elegance to distressed iron for a rustic edge – so you can choose one that matches your kitchen’s style.


White Cabinets with Black Countertops


Special features like plate racks or glass-front cabinets can also enhance the charm of a classic kitchen. A plate rack can provide a display spot for your beautiful dishes, adding color and interest to the space. Glass-front cabinets, on the other hand, can create a sense of openness and lightness, breaking up the heaviness of solid cabinet doors.


When choosing hardware and features for your classic kitchen, remember to keep them in line with the overall style of the space. They should enhance, not detract from, the kitchen’s classic look. Also, while these elements may be small, they can add up in terms of cost, so be sure to factor them into your budget.


Final Thoughts

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to kitchen design. It’s about balancing aesthetic appeal with practicality, and most importantly, creating a space that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. If you are an interior designer and find our approach and ideas align with yours, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s collaborate to create beautiful and functional spaces for our clients. Reach out to us today, and let’s create magic together in the world of interior design!

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