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How to Choose Your Bathroom Lighting

Choosing bathroom lighting can significantly change the look and feel of your sacred relaxation space. It’s not just about being bright enough to see yourself while brushing or applying makeup, it’s about creating an atmosphere that suits your needs – whether it’s a spa for the soul or a functional space for quick morning routines. In this blog post, we dispel myths and give you concrete advice on how to choose the perfect lighting for your bathroom. Forget boring and impractical options; we are focused on making your bathroom shine brightly – literally!

Choosing Best Lighting Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Under-Cabinet Lights

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Under-cabinet lighting brings warmth and functionality to your bathroom. Ideal for getting ready in the morning or visiting at night, these lights provide enough light to see you without being too bright for the eyes. Mounted under the cabinet, it will illuminate your counter without taking up additional space. Perfect for those who crave clean lines and an organized look, under-cabinet lighting adds a modern and sophisticated feel to your bathroom.


Pendant Lighting in Bathroom
Pendant Lighting in Bathroom

Yes, you heard right! Chandeliers aren’t just for living rooms; they can add a touch of elegance and opulence to your private sanctuary. Depending on the style of your bathroom, you can choose from simple, minimalist designs to lavish, dramatic pieces. In addition to serving as a central decorative element, chandeliers provide an abundance of light, illuminating every corner of the room.


Wall lights, also known as sconces, are perfect for adding layers to your bathroom lighting. Placed on either side of the mirror, they provide even, shadow-free lighting, making them ideal for tasks such as applying make-up or shaving. With a variety of design options, from contemporary to classic, sconces can add character to your space. In addition, they provide soft, indirect light that can create a relaxing atmosphere for evening baths.


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Shower Lighting

Colorful Bathroom Ceiling

Proper lighting inside the shower turns every shower into a refreshing experience. Recessed lights on the shower cubicle ceiling ensure the space is well-lit, while waterproof LED strips are perfect for adding a dynamic effect. It is important to choose lamps specifically designed for wet areas, so that safety and functionality come first. Good shower lighting makes every drop of water visible, turning a routine shower into a visual experience.

Mirror Lighting

Contemporary Bathroom

Lighting around the mirror is essential for any bathroom. It is essential that the light is evenly distributed on both sides of the mirror to eliminate shadows, allowing precise make-up or shaving. LED strips placed behind the mirror create a sophisticated atmosphere and add depth to the space, while traditional wall lamps provide classic charm. By choosing the right lighting around the mirror, your bathroom will not only be functional but also look chic.

Recessed Lights

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Recessed lighting brings pure elegance to every space, including the bathroom. Concealed within the ceiling, this sophisticated lighting option provides even, discreet light that can visually expand a space and emphasize key design elements. Ideal for achieving a modern look without visible lamps, recessed lighting is perfect for those who prefer minimalism and clean lines. Regardless of the style of your bathroom, recessed lights can be easily customized to provide functionality with discreet elegance.

Floor Lighting

Photo: Darklight Design

Floor lighting can add magic to your bathroom. By installing LED strips along the base of the walls or under the bathroom furniture, you can create a feeling of floating elements and visually expand the space. Also, this unusual lighting is useful at night, providing enough light to navigate the bathroom safely without the need for stronger lighting.

Shower Niche Lighting

Shower Niche Lighting
Shower Niche Lighting

A niche in the shower with its own lighting is not only practical, but also looks fantastic. Lighting integrated into a niche can highlight modern tiles or special items you keep inside. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, this lighting makes it easier to find shampoo, soap and other necessities without disturbing the relaxing atmosphere of the shower.


Bathroom Chandeliers 
Bathroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers in the bathroom? Yes, please! Let your bathroom shine brightly with the addition of a carefully selected chandelier that will add a touch of luxury and elegance to the space. Whether you opt for a classic crystal chandelier that provides a rich, sophisticated atmosphere or a modern design that emphasizes simple lines and forms, a chandelier can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom decor.

Should Light Fixture Finishes Match Cabinet Hardware in Your Bathroom?

Should light fixture finishes match bathroom cabinet hardware? In short, it’s optional. Matching creates harmony, while mixing adds dynamism. It is important to consider the style of the bathroom and personal preferences to achieve the desired look and atmosphere.


First of all, let’s ask ourselves – what do we want to achieve? Do we want a space that exudes harmony and harmony, or do we aim to create an impressive space with a touch of personality? The answer to this question leads us to the first great truth: there are no rules set in stone.


Mid Century Modern Bathroom
Mid Century Modern Bathroom

If you’re the type of person who appreciates harmony and elegance, matching the finish of the lamps to the cabinet hardware may be the way to go. This consistency creates a sense of order and calm, giving the space a finely honed aesthetic. Imagine shiny chrome cabinet handles that match perfectly with the shiny chrome mirror frame and lighting. The cleanliness and simplicity of such an approach can turn your bathroom into a real little spa.

On the other hand, if you are more inclined to experiment and add some spice to the space, mixing different finishes can add dynamism and character to the bathroom. Gold details on the lamp can contrast brilliantly with black or dark gray hardware, creating an interesting visual effect that attracts attention. This game of contrasts and combining different materials and colors can give your bathroom a unique stamp and personality.

It is important to note that when choosing a combination, you should consider the overall style and tone of your bathroom. If your space is modern, clean lines and minimalist details may work better. For more traditionally styled bathrooms, richer and warmer finishes can add extra depth and complexity to the space.


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How Much Light Do I Need in My Bathroom?

Bathroom lighting requires 500-700 lumens for small, 700-1000 for medium, and 1000-2000 lumens for large spaces. It is essential to combine different light sources and use dimmers to adjust the light, making the most of natural light wherever possible.


But don’t forget, it’s not all about numbers. How you distribute the light is important. You want to avoid strong light directly overhead that creates shadows, which can make shaving or applying make-up a mission impossible.


Geometric Bathroom

Think about layering the light. A combination of recessed lighting for general light, sconces on either side of the mirror for clear visibility without shadows, and perhaps one central lamp for added elegance, can create the perfect balance.

Don’t forget about natural light! If you have the opportunity, use the window in the bathroom. Natural light is ideal for make-up and gives the space a warm, natural tone.

And finally, adjust the light to your needs. With modern technologies, such as dimmers (light intensity switches), you can control the amount of light according to the situation – stronger light for morning preparations, and softer for evening relaxation in the bath.

What Rating Lights Do I Need for a Bathroom?

For the bathroom, choose lamps with a minimum IP rating of IP44 for splash protection. For areas above the shower or bath, an IP65 rating is required. LED lamps are recommended for energy efficiency and durability, ensuring safety and style.


The first thing you should pay attention to is the IP (Ingress Protection) rating. This rating tells you how resistant the lamp is to water and dust, which is crucial in a steamy and humid area like a bathroom. Bathroom lights should have a minimum IP rating of IP44, which means they are protected against splashing water – enough for most areas in the bathroom.

And now, where exactly you place the lights can also dictate a higher IP rating. For example, if you want a light directly above the shower or bath, aim for IP65. That rating ensures protection against water jets from all sides, making the lamp safer for such wet areas.

Don’t forget about energy efficiency either. LED lights are the stars when it comes to energy saving and longevity, and they also come in a wide range of designs. Make sure the fixtures you choose are not only safe and functional, but also match the style of your bathroom.



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