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    How to Achieve a Traditional Kitchen Look with Raised Panels




    Raised panel cabinets are often the most important element in traditional kitchens. They offer consistency of detail ornamentation in the design. In this post, we’ll be addressing questions about raised panel cabinets and how they influence traditional kitchen design.


    Every kitchen renovation starts with a design and a personal preference. Even though many homeowners are opting for modern kitchens, traditional kitchens have a very prominent place in today’s designs. This particular style offers more detail and requires less contrasting. The rich, classical ambiance of this style is reflected in its stunning cabinetry and woodwork. Every single detail found in traditional kitchen cabinets are true masterpieces that will have pride of place in any home.


    The history of raised panels


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    Raised panel doors as we know of them didn’t exist until at least the 1920s. Before then, the kitchen was plain and simple but designs started to change toward the end of that century. Due to the efforts of Catharine Beecher, a concept that accounted for how the kitchen serves for proper daily usage was born.


    It took years for her ideas to take hold with interior designers and countless home cooks. Around the same time, cabinet production offered solutions for producing raised panel kitchen cabinet doors. And with that, raised panel cabinets found their way into American homes.


    The main characteristics of raised panel cabinets


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    Most cabinet doors you see use the “frame and panel” style, meaning they have a frame made of four boards surrounding a flat panel of wood. If the panel is flat — like in a Shaker style, for example — it’s known as a “recessed panel.” It became what we know as a “raised panel” when the center part of the panel was designed to be flush with the frame, though still separated by a recessed border in between.


    Raised panel through colors, materials, and design


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    Raised panel cabinets consist of natural materials such as solid wood with rich finishes. This style aims to bring the outdoors into the home through the use of natural materials like solid wood in their rich, natural finish. These woods are often carved to add textures and ornamentation to their appearance. Cherry, oak, and pine are among the most highly favored materials used in the process of making.


    A classic color palette that consists of warm and earth colors is part of both raised panel cabinetry and traditional kitchen design. For a more upper-scale vibe, traditional kitchen cabinets are often designed to resemble antique furniture. Furniture details such as carved legs are often added to base kitchen cabinets.




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    Raised panel cabinets play a significant role in American homes and for good reason. Their rich and luxurious look is undeniable. And even though a traditional kitchen may not be for everyone, we love seeing the variety. That’s what inspires us in the cabinet industry to go forward. If you prefer a simpler kitchen like those built in the Shaker style, a free 3D kitchen design is a fantastic way for you to start your kitchen remodeling.




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