How Some Easy Changes Can Save Your Kitchen Space

Whether you have a small kitchen or not, there probably were moments when you felt like you did not have enough storage space. And there could be many drawers and cabinets, but you just felt like your kitchen was full of clutter. 

We’re here to tell you that it’s not you – kitchen decluttering is needed way more often than any other room. It’s important to be aware of the potential mess and to avoid it before it happens. That’s why we are here – to help you declutter your kitchen, change the  way you store your crockery and cooking utensils, and show you some new ways you can save your kitchen space to make life easier for you and your family.

Here are the most important space-saving tips that you should know:


1. Declutter

The moment you feel like your kitchen is just too much – it’s time to declutter. Throw out everything that’s past its expiration date, is dirty, or stale. Clean your cabinets and appliances thoroughly, clean your sink and drain. You will immediately feel more relaxed and motivated to continue with your decluttering. Cover the whole kitchen area and make space for the new things. 

Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen clean that will make your life easier.


2. The Smaller, The Better

Saving space is not just maximizing the given space. It’s also about using what you have smartly. If you’re tight on space, try not to use bigger appliances. Switching to smaller devices is more convenient, but it also saves a lot of space. Be aware of the types of cabinets you choose. There are many different sizes you must consider, and if you’re not sure, try 3D designing your kitchen first. Here’s a link to a free 3D design.



3. Add an Island

If you feel like your kitchen is crowded, then the best solution is to add a kitchen island. By adding an island you will get additional surface space and also more storage space. It’s the first place to start when remodeling your kitchen to look bigger but to also provide more room for things that matter to you.



4. Go to The Ceilings

Nelson Cabinetry has a whole section dedicated to the tall cabinetry. It shows how important tall storage is, but also how creative you can be when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Choose both pantries and oven cabinets by visiting this link

And if you’re not yet satisfied with this, make sure you check out this article for more inspiration!



5. Use the Most of Your Cabinet Doors

When lacking storage space, make every part of your kitchen useful storage. Even your cabinet doors can serve as storage space. For example, buying cabinet racks can make an adequate storage space under the cabinets. 

For more details about cabinet storage read this article and tell us what you think!



6. Use Your Walls Creatively

The most beautiful items are usually on display everywhere you go. Your kitchen should not be an exception. Use high-quality shelves or racks to save some space, but to also put on display your favorite things.

You can choose between this beautiful shelf that doesn’t take much space or a wine rack that will help you point out your elegance by displaying your favorite wines. Or just use a plate rack for your grandma’s favorite antique plates.



Final thoughts 

Working in a tight kitchen can be a challenge. Still, if you work smart you will avoid feeling overwhelmed by making small adjustments that mean a lot. These small adjustments will fully maximize your small kitchen’s efficiency and make you feel easier and more relaxed. These changes like decluttering or using your walls creatively will make a big difference in your life saving you from clutter you don’t want.


Do your research and consult our professionals for free. We at Nelson Cabinetry will be glad to help you with anything you need. Just send us an email at or call 832-998-6598. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your kitchen!