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How Long Does it Take to Ship Cabinets?


“I want it all, and I want it now!” sang the youths of the 80s to Queen. Well, not much has changed since then especially when it comes to cabinetry. Lead times are a major point of contention for potential buyers – we want all of our cabinets, and we want them now! The delivery timeframe for your cabinets will differ according to the category of cabinets that you order, which when arranged from shortest to longest lead times includes stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry. In addition to the type of cabinet, these are the supplementary factors that determine the delivery times for cabinetry. 



Timeline for Standard Deliveries  

The standard delivery timeframe for cabinets is 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on whether the cabinets are in stock or still need to be custom-made will affect this timeframe significantly. Stock cabinets typically have a shorter timeframe for delivery (1-2 weeks) as they have already been constructed and are ready to be shipped; whereas custom cabinets still need to be built according to the specifications indicated by the customer, which means that the timeline needs to be extended further (8-16 weeks). On the other hand, there are semi-custom cabinets that are made to order whose delivery time falls somewhere in-between (6-8 weeks), as the majority of their construction has already been completed, with modifications still outstanding.  



Average Lead Times  

A rushed job is a poorly done job and this is a conundrum that cabinet manufacturers generally try to avoid by providing their customers with  average lead times for their products. A cabinet’s lead time is the time that it takes to manufacture and deliver the product. It includes business days but excludes weekends and public holidays. The estimated lead time provided by the manufacturer is only a recommendation and not a promise. Lead times are dependent on manufacturing capacity limitations, labor specifications, availability of resources, size of the order, and so forth. 




Order Processing 

Homeowners may not realize this, but the time and the date that you place an order determines how quickly it is processed. Most cabinetry retailers do not process orders over the weekend, so placing your order before the end of the week means that your order will be processed sooner. Cabinet suppliers additionally have a daily processing deadline and will delineate that, for example, orders have to be placed before 11:00 am on a business day to qualify  for same-day processing. Orders that are placed after 11:00 am will then be processed the next day. Lead times will also be increased if an inordinate amount of cabinets are ordered or if it is a highly complex order.  



Shipping Delays 

Delays in shipping can occur for several reasons. This includes anything from covid-19 shipping delays, items that are out of stock, material shortages to personal issues with the manufacturer, and so on. The supplier will generally keep you updated on any delays and update your estimated delivery timeframe accordingly.  


With a 2-3 week lead time on our RTA cabinets, Nelson Cabinetry goes a step beyond the standard delivery timeframe. That should give you even more reason to contact us at 832-998-6598 for more information about our quick ship cabinets that arrive at your door as soon as is pragmatically possible.



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