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Top 10 Home Improvement TV Shows You Need to Watch in 2023

Are you a homeowner looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project? Look no further – 2023 is here and with it comes an exciting lineup of home improvement TV shows to watch! From the basics of DIY renovating to the latest trends in design, there’s something for every kind of homeowner this year. Join us today as we take a closer look at some of the top shows that are sure to delight and inspire anyone who dreams of turning their house into a home.

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr


Alan Carr’s Interior Design Masters is the perfect show for viewers looking to get inspired by some of the most creative people in the design world. This unique competition series follows ten budding designers as each episode finds them competing for a surprise commission from a celebrity client.


Alan, a renowned interior designer himself, is on hand to offer his unique brand of wit and encouragement throughout. Not only does he provide insight into the interior design business, but also offers constructive critiques and valuable advice on how to bring designs to life with stunning effects.


Whether you’re looking to brush up on your DIY skills or just want the perfect excuse for a cozy night watching TV, Alan Carr’s Interior Design Masters is sure to leave viewers feeling both entertained and inspired!

Dream Home Makeover


Netflix’s newest original series, Dream Home Makeover, is an absolute must-see for anyone who has ever longed to customize their living space. Hosts Shea and Syd McGee of the Salt Lake City Based Studio McGee bring a dash of creativity and a healthy dose of fun as they take dream homes from “huh” to “ahhh”!


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home but don’t know where (or even how) to start, this series is your answer! The dynamic duo make it look so easy as they turn outdated houses into stylish forever homes—you may even catch yourself dreaming of applying some of the same design tricks in your own abode.


Everyone deserves a place that makes them feel cozy and complete, and this show does the job with all its luxurious tips, clever hacks and creative suggestions. So load up on popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and let Shea and Syd inspire your next decor project!

Stay Here


If you’re looking for a truly unique viewing experience, check out the Netflix original series Stay Here. Unlike most TV shows which just offer viewers hours of mindless entertainment, Stay Here is a smart and innovative way to catch up on news and culture of different locations around the world.


Each episode follows a different property owner’s journey to creating their perfect vacation spot getaway. From transforming their vacation home into a tourist destination to working with experts in hospitality and design, this heartwarming show employs both narrative storytelling and real-world footage that provide insightful glimpses into each property’s history.


Best of all, after every episode viewers are left with inspiration to plan more than just their next vacation – but also creative ideas for turning any house into a home away from home with style and flair!


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Instant Dream Home


The instant dream home of your wildest imagination awaits you with Netflix’s newest and hottest original series. Each episode follows a team of building experts as they attempt to tackle complete and total remodeling projects in record time – 12 measly hours!


Packed with twists, turns, and a whole lot of sawdust, this show provides the entertainment you’ve been craving along with the undeniable magic of watching floor-to-ceiling transformations right before your eyes. Whether you’re a builder looking to improve upon their own techniques or just an observer wanting to partake in these jaw-dropping feats, this series does not disappoint!

Amazing Interiors


If you’re looking for inspiration to bring more beauty and creativity into your living space, then get ready to be amazed. Netflix’s Amazing Interiors offers tours through houses with truly incredible interior designs, from the unbelievably indulgent to the quirky and unique.


Each episode features three different homes where viewers can take a virtual peek into how these people have transformed regular houses into extraordinary abodes. With this show, it’s easy to see that there’s no limit or end to what you can do when it comes to designing your interior space – something that as we all know, can completely change the entire vibe of a house!


So sit back and relax – and prepare to be awestruck – as you embark on this eye-opening journey though some of the most innovative interiors around.

Ask This Old House


Have you ever wished you had a handyman around the house? With Ask This Old House, viewers can get the help and advice they need from the trusty show hosts; Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and Kevin O’Connor.


Every week this team of home improvement experts helps homeowners tackle projects that might otherwise have gone undone. With over two decades on air, Ask This Old House provides useful and often humorous insights for anyone who’s looking to update their home improvement skills!

Selling Sunset


Selling Sunset has hardly gone unnoticed within the past year, becoming a smash hit around the world. This Netflix series follows realtors in Los Angeles as they work together to close deals on luxurious properties.


It is a truly aspirational show that has quickly captured the attention of viewers. Whether they’re absorbing the glamour of exclusive Hollywood Hills residences or tuning in to see the drama between each other, Selling Sunset is a pleasurable ride full of surprises around every corner. It’s no wonder why its stars have become household names.

Property Brothers


Property Brothers is a wildly popular and much beloved television series that revolves around twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, who purchase rundown but potential-filled houses and transform them into dream homes.


The show has been casting its magic on viewers since 2011, and the fanfare only seems to be building every year. Not only does it feature the lovable duo, as well as their animated interactions with homeowners in need of home renovation assistance, it also includes some riveting and impressive designs from start to finish.


It’s practically a roller coaster ride of excitement and suspense! And, with plenty of episodes filled with heartwarming moments in each season, you can easily snag some home décor ideas along the way.

Fixer Upper


Fixer Upper, the hit tv show on HGTV, has been captivating and inspiring viewers for five years now. Hosted by married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, viewers get to follow along as homes that have been neglected throughout the years and in need of some love are transformed into modern masterpieces.


It not only gives people hope and vision that homes can be transformed back to their former glory, but it also serves as a great platform for creative remodeling ideas all across the United States. So whether you’re looking to gain design inspiration for your own house or just want to get lost in Chip and Joanna’s world of transforming fixer-uppers into dream homes, Fixer Upper has something for everyone.

Home Town


The latest hit show to take over the small screens is Home Town, a series on HGTV. The show follows Benjamin and Erin Napier as they transform homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Each episode profiles one amazing home makeover; from outdated Rooms to stunningly stylish spaces, no design challenge is too tricky for this couple.


What’s more, the Napiers’ handcrafted solutions include locally sourced materials and historic details from the area – making each transformation unique to the beautiful town of Laurel. Home Town isn’t just about remodeling homes; it’s about celebrating community, family and togetherness – which makes it so special and oh-so watchable!

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