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Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets Review: What Are Customers Saying?


Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets Review: What Are Customers  Saying?  


A new kitchen means new cabinets. The problem is where to source these  cabinets? When considering the kitchen cabinet retail landscape the first store  that comes to mind is Home Depot. As far as big-box retailers go they’re pretty  much up there with Lowes and Ikea. With cabinets taking up the bulk of a  kitchen remodeling budget, deciding on a supplier is not a decision that should  be taken lightly. Judging by its immense popularity, Home Depot seems like a  good choice on paper, but what are customers really saying about their  products? Let’s find out by exploring customer ratings and feedback on Home  Depot kitchen cabinets.  



Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets  


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Home Depot an A- accreditation.  According to BBB standards, Home Depot is, therefore, considered to be a very  reliable and trustworthy business. However, their customer review rating is  1.15/5, which is pretty low for such a popular business. Why is this? We’ll explain more about that later. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of home depot kitchen cabinets.  

Home Depot provides a wide range of kitchen cabinets that range from low high quality in both the assembled and ready-to-assemble (RTA) categories.  Their kitchen cabinets are further separated into stock, semi-custom, and custom divisions. For the purposes of this systematic review, we will be focusing on their in-house brand of stock RTA cabinets – Hampton Bay Cabinets.  


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Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Review 


Price: The price range of Hampton Bay RTA starts at $95 for a wall shelving  wall cabinet with dividers to $741 for a base double oven cabinet with two soft close doors and drawers.  

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty is provided on Hampton Bay finished  cabinets.  

Construction: The Hampton Bay stock RTA range at Home Depot consists of  all-plywood-constructed white shaker cabinets. While plywood is not as durable as solid wood, it is the strongest engineered wood material. It also holds screws  well and does not scratch easily. Plywood is, however, more expensive than particleboard and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) due to its superior  makeup. Hampton Bay RTA cabinets additionally possess soft-close drawers  and dovetail joinery, which enhances their resilience and value.  

Consumers largely express satisfaction about the quality of the kitchen cabinets.  They state that they are most impressed by the quality of the plywood used  especially. However, some buyers complain about the weight of the plywood  cabinet frames and the softness of the wood, which can chip easily if the  installer is not careful.  

Appearance/Texture: Hampton Bay RTA cabinets have a white painted finish, which customers indicate gives the cabinets a clean and sleek look but can also look uneven in some spots. Most of the reviews convey that the cabinets look  and feel more expensive than they actually are.  

Assembly Instructions: The written assembly instructions provided by  Hampton Bay for their kitchen cabinets are not highly rated by buyers – in fact, they are even described as “awful” in some instances. Their main issues are that  there is no parts list and the same instructions are given for all of the cabinets,  even though the larger-sized cabinets require further steps in their assembly.  However, the customers state that the online videos on their manufacturer’s  website are more comprehensive and provide more detailed instructions.  

Self-Assembly: More often than not, the customers’ reviews convey that the  skill level required for assembly and installation purposes is quite high. This  was disappointing to beginner DIYers who assumed that they could save on  installation costs but ended up having to hire a professional to put the cabinets together.  

Delivery: A big satisfaction point for buyers was Home Depot’s offer of free  delivery and free returns. This reduced the cost of the cabinets substantially and made them more affordable for most customers. The website states that the  Hampton Bay RTA cabinets ship in 7 days, but most customers experienced a  10 day turnaround time on average – this was unsatisfactory to some customers  who felt they had been misled.  

Customer Service: The reviews indicate that the customer service at Home  Depot is a let-down overall. Buyers indicate that the call center employees tend  to deal with complaints by promising them that “someone will get back to you,”  but no one ever does. Even the live chat mechanism has proven to be defective, with customers expressing dissatisfaction with being left to wait hours at a time  for a response. In some cases, customers were not even provided with delivery updates at all to their absolute dismay.  




How Nelson Cabinetry Measures Up to Home Depot 


Nelson Cabinetry conversely places customer service at the forefront of  everything that we do. Our A+ BBB accreditation and glowing customer  testimonials are evidence of this. If you would like to choose the more  dependable option then email us at info@nelsonkb.com at once. You will  receive a response within one business day. We promise never to keep you  waiting.


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