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    Have Granite Countertops Gone Out of Style?

    As you renovate your kitchen, you may come across some designs from twenty years ago that look hopelessly outdated. How are you to know what will be in style twenty years from now? Countertops can be quite a significant investment, and it makes a lot of sense to wonder what will still be in style down the road. Countertops in particular can have trouble standing the test of time, so it’s important to choose wisely.

    History of granite in the US

    Granite was used as a material for countertops as early as the 1920s, but it actually started to gain more widespread popularity in the 1970s. Because there are so many other fashions from this period that many people would rather leave behind, it’s not surprising that some homeowners might end up being wary of granite. However, thanks to its natural beauty and properties that make every piece unique, granite consistently found its way into American kitchens over the course of the twentieth century and is still a top choice in 2022.

    How popular granite is now

    While granite is just the second-most popular countertop material (with quartz coming in first), it’s been at the top of the list for decades. This means that while it isn’t all the rage, it’s a reliable standby. However, there is one trend from the early 2000s that has disappeared: granite everywhere. There was a time when homeowners just couldn’t get enough granite, using it for backsplashes, countertops, and kitchen islands. Nowadays, the trend is to be more sparing with the use of granite instead of using the material for every conceivable surface. Approximately twenty per cent of renovators today are choosing a contrasting material for their kitchen islands. Because it is such a bold material, it is best to not go overboard with granite.


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    A classic beauty

    Granite can therefore be considered a classic, just like the Shaker cabinet style. In fact, these two are a fantastic combination and are frequently seen together. In fact, if you explore houzz.com, there are more than 90,000 photos of kitchens with Shaker cabinets and granite countertops. Some of the most beautiful designs feature a soothing combination of gray cabinets topped with light-colored granite. There are also many images that feature the striking look of white cabinets paired with black granite countertops. Deciding on the countertop material and the cabinet style is just the beginning: after that, the possibilities for your color palette are virtually infinite.


    Variety and versatility

    There is an amazing variety of granite colors available, meaning that it’s possible to match it with practically any color scheme that you have in mind for your kitchen remodel. Uba tuba is a granite type that comes from Brazil and is generally green with metallic flecks. It is one of the less expensive types of granite, which means that it has less cachet than costlier types such as black galaxy, Kashmir gold, and blue pearl granite. As its name suggests, black galaxy granite has natural sparkly patterns that look like swirls of little stars. If you opt for darker granite types like uba tuba and black galaxy, the next step will be to decide if you want to stick to other dark colors for the cabinets and flooring of you want contrast with white cabinets, for example, and light wood flooring.



    Conclusion: Granite is here to stay

    There are many different granite types to choose from, and a lot will depend on what color cabinets you choose. Each kind of granite own style, so be sure to consider the overall look that you want for your kitchen before you decide. If you’d like to peruse cabinets in order to get a sense of the bigger picture, be sure to browse our white collection or gray collection of cabinets. Granite and the Shaker style is a classic combination that will never go out of style.

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