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Hands-Free Appliances and Accessories for a Kitchen of the Future


What’s the point of all this new technology existing if you’re not making any use of it? The use of technology in the kitchen helps to lighten the load – literally and figuratively. It makes all the tasks (big and small) that you need to perform so much simpler. Not to mention it’s so convenient. Imagine being able to dim the lights, set the right temperature for the oven, and defrost the turkey in the microwave all while relaxing at the kitchen peninsula with a hot beverage.  This is what the kitchen of the future looks like, except the future can be your present if you just give it a try. Here are the must-have hands-free appliances and accessories that will bring your kitchen up to speed with the new trends in technology.  



Smart Lighting 

Have you ever watched one of those movies where the main actor just switches the lights on and off with a clap of the hands? Well, that can (almost) be you,  except you’ll need a keypad, tablet, smartphone, or remote. Smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely using the previously mentioned gadgets. No light switches are, therefore, necessary to control the lights. What’s more, a  lighting keypad or its equivalent, allows you to alter the light intensity from dim to bright according to your needs. The future is indeed well-lit thanks to tech innovations.  


Hands-Free Kitchen Faucets  

Touchless kitchen faucets are the water-saving attraction that makes a touch-free kitchen worth it. It also ensures that no dirt and grime is transferred onto the surface of your hands or the appliance itself. This makes it the perfect faucet for your household germaphobe, amateur chef, or families with young children who need to wash their hands often. Most hands-free kitchen faucets operate via motion detectors that turn the tap on when it detects motion and then off when there is no movement. 

If you really want to be fancy, there are touchless faucets on the market, which you can program to release water at the exact temperature that you would like it to be. For someone who always complains about the coldness of tap water, this is a dream come true!


Smart Refrigerator 

Major appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators are incorporating hands-free technology to the satisfaction of consumers. Buyers love smart appliances because of their convenience and energy-saving capabilities. For instance, if you’re at work and wondering if you have all the ingredients needed to make a chicken casserole for dinner, you can virtually view what’s inside your smart fridge using your smartphone; or if you constantly worry about the food in your fridge going stale, the smart fridge will take care of it by making sure that each fridge drawer or level is set at the appropriate temperature for preserving its contents. Just think about all the electricity that you’re saving by not having to open your fridge every five minutes! 


While kitting out your kitchen in the latest hands-free technology is such a treat,  so is finding cabinets that match the futuristic look and feel that you are going for. Nelson Cabinetry has just the thing – call us now at 832-998-6598 for a  FREE consultation on white shaker cabinets that will make your hands-free technology shine.



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