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    A 5-Step Guide To a Successful Kitchen Remodel Consultation

    In most of our articles and on our social media we often encourage you to consult us before you decide to start your kitchen renovation! This is a great opportunity for you to talk about your dream kitchen with someone who understands how to create a high-quality kitchen. But, we’ve never explained how consulting works, so we feel obligated to explain it before 2021 ends. In this article, you’ll get a little step-by-step guide for Nelson’s Free Consultation! We’ll talk about expectations, questions, types, and many more! 


    STEP 1 – Get Inspired

    The first step to take when thinking about kitchen remodeling is getting inspired. Our website offers a big gallery for inspiration. Another way you can get some inspiration is through our Instagram or Facebook, as well as Pinterest. Write your ideas down, or save them on your computer for later. Inspiration can help you visualize your dream kitchen that we’ll help you create.


    STEP 2- Set Your Expectations

    Our regular readers know that we always promote visualizing and designing your dream kitchen in your head first. After that comes a Free 3D Planner, and only then consulting us. It’s crucial to have a clear vision of the kitchen you want to have. You need to know that you must be prepared to compromise, but it’s better and easier if you know what you do and do not want. So take your time and work with yourself first.



    See how our designers can create your Dream Kitchen

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    Professional Grade Design

    Professionalism and quality so good, 15,000+ families have said YES!



    STEP 3- Connect With Us

    You can consult us in many different ways. If you prefer a phone call, you can call 832-998-6598. If you’re more of an email person, sending an email to info@nelsonkb.com will be the easiest way. One can also try Quick Quote for a fast estimate for your new cabinets. To be honest, we’d recommend you to use every single step – from designing a 3D kitchen, Quick Quotes, emailing, and finally calling our team. That way, you’ll be sure you chose what you wanted, and that all of your steps were double-checked.



    STEP 4- Express Yourself

    This step is one of the most important steps you’ll take when it comes to the beginning of your kitchen remodeling. We want you to feel free to talk about your ideas, and we’ll make sure you do. We care about you communicating your needs, and your wants, but also about you hearing us and our opinions. Let this conversation be an amusing, creative and exciting discussion! 



    STEP 5 – Consultation Complete

    Soon after you meet with our team, we will contact you again to continue our cooperation. We’ll create drafts and suggestions, and talk a lot about your dream kitchen. Just try to stay a part of the process the entire time to make sure you like everything that’s being done. And there you go! Consulting us for a kitchen remodel has never been easier!



    There might be a slight chance that you felt a bit discouraged to contact us for kitchen remodeling advice. Maybe it was because you weren’t sure about reaching us or what the whole process could look like. In this article, we’ve shown you that this is a very easy procedure. We’re here to help you design your dream kitchen using only high-quality materials and timeless design. Feel free to contact us whenever you feel comfortable, whatever way you want, and we’ll be more than glad to be a part of your journey!



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