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A Little Guide to Gray Cabinetry – Why Are They So Popular?

We’re here to break some myths about the gray color. So stay with us.


Even though white is a great color, a classic that goes well with everything, these days more and more people choose gray for their kitchens. At first, it may sound odd. You don’t want your kitchen to look dull, right? Well, the thing is: it’s not about the colors. It’s about mixing them and decorating your kitchen the right way. You can have cabinetry in any color you like, but if you don’t know how to design and decorate it – you’ll most definitely have a very boring kitchen. 

With gray shades becoming very popular, we’re here to give you a little guide on how to use gray cabinetry instead of white and how to design it to look tremendous. 


Understanding the Psychology Behind It

You’d think that the gray color looks very boring and lifeless. But, did you know that this color can move from casual neutrality to a breathtaking warmth, providing the best of both worlds if used right?

There is a popular myth that homeowners use as an excuse to avoid the gray. “It looks dull and modest“, they say. However, any other color can look exactly the same, dull and modest, if you don’t know how to mix and match colors. In the following lines, you will see how colors and textures are used to create an astounding style and how gray kitchen cabinets are a big part of it. 

Gray for some may look dull and modest, but for others it looks calm and clean and it’s soothing.



What Do Gray Kitchens Represent

There are many reasons why gray shaker kitchen cabinets are so popular, but the main one is: they are reliable and represent good quality. When paired with white or warm wood, with copper or rose gold handles, gray cabinets look modern, expensive, and refined. When you encounter gray cabinets in the kitchen, every other aspect of it will come to the fore. And that’s when your mixing and matching come to life. Choosing the right colors of floors, countertops, and backsplash will make your gray kitchen more exciting.


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If you’re still asking why you should go for gray, let us tell you this: it will not show dirt as other colors would. They also don’t make space appear dark or heavy, as one would think. Combining gray cabinets with other colors can make it possible for you to use purple or green in your kitchen without worrying that it will not fit nicely. (Pst, it will fit perfectly).

Another important thing is that gray cabinets tend to stand the test of time. Gray kitchens are popular in Scandinavia, and these have a cutting edge when it comes to design. 



Combining Colors

The best thing about gray cabinets is that you can combine them with either a standard subway tile or a unique design you like. If you want to add a pop of color that won’t feel outdated in a few years, the best option is a hint of blue. For a more eye-catching look, try combining light gray cabinets with dark gray decorations and appliances. And, the perfect combo would be gold and gray. Try using gold lanterns or gold pulls and knobs. And if you need some help with pulls and knobs, here it is!



I Want It, But I’m Not Ready

In case you’re not ready yet to fully commit to the gray kitchen cabinetry, you can always start small. A new, gray standing pantry, a wine, or a plate rack is a great way to embrace the gray kitchen look without changing the entire room. You can even combine white and gray cabinets and make it look amazing!

In conclusion…

Installing a new set of cabinets, or even adding a few of them to your kitchen, can be stressful, especially when it comes to choosing the right colors and designs. Fortunately, gray pairs well with almost any other color. Our final tips for decorating a gray kitchen would be: mix colors and blend them nicely, use neutral tones and lighter shades, but also don’t be afraid to use pops of blue and especially gold.



Whatever you decide, just make sure you like it and the cabinetry that you choose is a high-quality one. 

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